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  1. I tried to FTP Furious Karting and it always gets stuck on 5 files Does that mean its one I have do as an ISO? Funny thing is I downloaded a collection of Xbox stuff that unpacks to these files?!?
  2. Thanks. my cable looks same as startech in spacing and yet it looks a total mess when inside the xbox. I've ordered a new SATA adapter as the one I had lying around didnt allow you to set master/slave etc and machine just chucks error 13 when I boot with it and DVD doesnt read.... So must be dodgy adapter
  3. Hi Does anyone have some current eBay links to suitable cables? I have an 80 way cable but to get it to connect to the bits the cable is twisted all over the place and the orientation seems wrong compared to the original 40 way cable. So links to something that fits tidily and sensible orientation would be great, thanks.... (Global shipping, I'm in UK not USA!)
  4. eh? Original cable is IDE on Mobo --- short length to DVD --- long length to HDD If I reverse the positioning of the 80 pin cable it wont fit? What size 80 pin cables are you guys all using then??
  5. Thanks. I wonder if I need that though now... I have a collection of stuff where everything is patched to run from HDD so I think that covers every title.... Would appreciate some advice on HDD partitioning though. I think I'll probably leave the IND BIOS in place. I've seen "guides" suggesting mixing partitioning software versions and F & G partitions of 1TB each (almost). What layout did you use and how (and did you fill it at all as there are hints of bad things if you didnt format how they suggest). I'm definitely using XBMC4gamers though. That's awesome!!!
  6. Thanks guys (both of you). Actually I found a box in the attic and have 4 Xboxes all TSOP'd with IND bios and bigger HDDs. Forgot I did all that!!! Would love some pointers on the BFM BIOS patch stuff as I have never heard of that. Any guide would be great. I found the X2 BIOS config editor and that was easy but no point if I need a BFM BIOS. If I am gonna grab a 2TB drive for one of the Xboxes it sounds very much like a good way to try ISOs for games if I can. Is there a list somewhere on those that dont work in this manner?
  7. WOW! Hi, I just dusted off my Xbox from attic and was thinking to slot a 2Tb drive in etc. so joined this forum. You've done just what I would want to! Any chance of posting a write up? Mine is TSOP flashed (from memory) with an IND BIOS I hate! Which BIOS would you recommend (I have no idea what a BFM BIOS is). I'd prefer being able to load ISOs and also if poss to have a stock look (no IND-BIOS logos or X2 logos).

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