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  1. I already know how to use the tools to softmod. But where can I learn about how the game exploits are used to softmod, from a technical point of view? Like with Splinter Cell, you load up a bad save, there's a buffer overrun somewhere, jumps to some arbitrary code that XXXX? I assume the exploit code installs a new dashboard and everything, but doesn't Xbox also do a signature check to make sure that the code is signed before allowing it to run?
  2. Just reporting that I got was able to update the bios to Evox m8plus and increased my hard drive space. Found an old ide 300gb drive which I will use until I decide to get a sata
  3. oh didn't know that.. OK we'll see... I could just try flashing and if it's not already TSOP'd it will fail right? BTW according to this: https://www.reddit.com/r/originalxbox/wiki/tsop Looks like for my 1.0 Xbox, I can use a 256kb or 1mb BIOS safely. sound right?
  4. There is no 2158554 folder. I do have a mech assault and splinter cell save. I could have soft nodded then upgraded to a tsop flash. The reason why I think I might have done that is that I do have a 120gb js in it already. If it were soft modded that wouldn’t be possible right?
  5. I don’t remember any of that tbh. Is there a way to easily tell? Maybe hexen dvd has tools that will let me know. That said would it be safe to just try overwriting the bios with the indbios? The 256kb size should fit on my tsop and risk of bricking should be small right ? (Its a 1.0 fwiw) Assuming that works I should just be able to add the hard drive and ide sata adapter. Btw thanks for the list of items above!
  6. Thanks! I actually don’t think I have a mod chip installed. Does that mean it is a soft mod? Basically I took my mod chip and used it to overwrite my bios on the motherboard. Does that sound right?
  7. Hi, I've had a couple of modded Xboxes for more than 10 years (maybe 15???). Recently heard about the clock capacitor issue so I opened up my xbox and saw the scene is still going on. I'm thinking now about upgrading to a larger HDD via IDE/SATA adapter. Do I need to worry about what BIOS or hardware I have to take full advantage of it? I'm running X2 4976.02 BIOS, and I guess the easiest thing is to take Hexen 2018 and flash it to a newer BIOS? any recommendations? I don't even remember if I have to worry about 512kb vs 1mb bios, and what that means (could I brick the Xbox?) Any tips?

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