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  1. The menu is only combining a couple files. So when you press (A) the script builds myprograms.xml out of the gamelist.xml for that system and loads the menu. 

    it’s all down to the drive speed, age and where files are on the hdd platter. 

    Normally E is the fastest as the building of the xml takes longer depending on where it is on the hdd platter. 

    I mean a 47kb file should be a second or 2, I have over 1500 roms lists loading in 4-7 seconds. But am using a 2.5” sata drive. 

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  2. On 4/29/2021 at 12:38 PM, Rapper_skull said:

    Just tested TOCA 3 and the profile loads fine, but the Xbox halts on a black screen when selecting World Tour mode.
    I don't understand why the Xbox community never adopted on the fly patching, like Swiss on the Gamecube for example. BTW is dvd2xbox the only tool that correclty patches all games?

    Yes, other tools just do the short fatx checks, region & media flag patch the xbes. 

    DVD2Xbox does the long fatx patch and can also do a lot more custom patches for games that require specific modifications. 

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  3. On 4/28/2021 at 11:47 AM, Rapper_skull said:

    I tested the following games:

    extract-xiso applied only one patch to TOCA 1 and none to the others, but still all 3 games loaded fine and let me create a profile. I don't know if the protection kicks in later or what.

    Toca 1 is fine, Toca 2 has long file names but not sure if it effects the game. Toca 3 will black screen after loading the profile. (Never gets to the menu) 

  4. You need to patch the xbes, some games have a xbe offset check (Toca 3 is one) that looks for the xbe at a specific position on the disc. If you remake the XISO from extracted files it will crash at the main menu so you need to patch it still. 

    DVD2Xbox makes a 1.1 copy of the disc (split if larger than 4GB) basically a redump image, so the xbe offset and any other xbe checks games have are intact when done this way. Only downside is they are 7GB each. 

    Media, FatX and region patches are fine when making XISO, as the long file name protections are separate from those and that’s the main reason for XISO loading. 

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  5. 13 hours ago, GoTeamScotch said:

    Hi @Rocky5. I just downloaded xbmc4gamers for the 1st time and am trying it out. Downloaded the pre-built zip from github and set it up. That part worked fine. I then tried to run the updater to get up to v3.0.0 and the update process failed. It's now stuck in safe mode, waiting for a FTP connection.

    Log shows libcurl.dll failed to load, then a 0-byte zip file was downloaded to XBMC4Gamers/updater/Update Files/. The updater app appears on screen and tries to work, but fails quickly and shows a warning message about autoexec.py failing. I deleted the xbmc4gamers folder and re-uploaded a fresh copy via FTP and the same outcome occurred the 2nd time too.

    Not sure why my update zip is 0 bytes though. Perhaps to avoid this being something that breaks the current installation, 'updater/System/Scripts/autoexec.py' could be updated to check for corrupt zips before proceeding.
    "if os.path.isfile(zip_file)" becomes "if (os.path.isfile(zip_file) && os.path.getsize(zip_file) > 0)"
    (or whatever the python syntax is)


    13_11_20 20.04.24.log 7.25 kB · 0 downloads xbmc (updater).log 7.25 kB · 0 downloads

    🤔 the prebuilt version on github is v1.3.001 you shouldn’t need to update anything after. 

  6. 12 minutes ago, arfows said:


      Appreciate the reply!  Not sure I understand completely but here is my interpretation:  Is the takeaway that I can't put a zero nulled key hard drive in an xbox that has been  nulled with 1s or is there more to it then that, as in:

    For all XBoxes that have been modded and nulled but still have the original stock hard drive installed, I can just install 1.1.8 and rerun the null option to rewrite it to all 1's.  I can then use Chimp to clone the disk to a larger hard drive and replace the stock.  I can then fill the larger hard drive with everything I want and then clone that as many times as I want and can add it to any other XBOX that has had a HD key nulled with 1.1.8.

    For the one XBOX I have that I already upgraded to a larger hard drive from that Xboxes stock HD and nulled to zero, it won't work to simply try to install 1.1.8 and rerun null.  I'd have to find the original drive,  have to rerun Chimp and copy the data over again?  If that's not correct, I'm not sure what you mean

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question, and thanks for everything you've done for this community!

    For new Xbox correct. 

    For Xbox already nulled. No, you can just update the softmod and run the nuller again and it will update the key. But any original drives you had for that Xbox (locked to all zeros) will need to be unlocked and relocked to the new all 1s key.

    Chimp 261812 can do this if you attach your original drive (locked to all zeros) to the Xbox that’s been all 1ed as the slave drive, add the old nulled eeprom.bin to the Y partition and run chimp. Select slave drive options and pick unlock > Y:\eeprom.bin when done, lock the slave drive to the motherboard and done. 

  7. V1.1.8 will un null the key when you run the option again. I changed it to use all 1s as this is fine for insignia. 

    note, any drives that are locked to a nulled key won’t work anymore on that Xbox, so if you have backup drives (original drive for example) you will need to use chimps slave drive options to unlock and relock to the new all 1s key. (Or if you can do it via PC do it that way)

    If the latter isn’t so, the. You’re fine to just run it and not care. 

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  8. Quote


    From URLDownloder version onwards


    1) Added external hdd-key.txt parsing so folk with corrupt eeproms can sign DLC

    ( hdd-key.txt goes in Q:\system\ just plain txt key is used. )






    XBMC doesn’t like some eeprom hdd key values and breaks 🤷‍♂️ It doesn’t read it properly so I added the above. Just copy your hdd key into that file and it will be used instead. 

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  9. 10 hours ago, bulkchart32 said:

    when are u going to add more themes? i really like the batman one but i have 2 different modded xboxs and i'd like to have different themes on them.

    There are currently 3 themes. If you want to make any you can. I have tried to make it as simple as I could to do. 



    Just replace textures and edit xml files to your liking. Then run the build theme.bat and it will do its thing. (Don’t change the name of the template files, they get renamed by the bat during the build process) 

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  10. 1 hour ago, bulkchart32 said:

    hey rocky. i just downloaded the new stable build. i tested halo 2 and it is still not seeing the dlc. i switched to unleashx and the 1.5 on the launch screen showed and all the dlc maps showed when i went to make a custom split screen match. then i relaunched xbmc4gamers and the dlc has vanished again. here's the most recent log.

    28_10_20 01.32.40.log 6.94 kB · 3 downloads

    New version is up that will fix that error you are getting.

    I will check at my end Halo 2 with the DLC.


    disable flicker filter patching in the programs settings menu and it will fix your issue.  

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  11. 7 hours ago, Zarper said:

    Using 1.3.340 and switching between user and edit mode doesn't work properly. After the combination at the login screen it will enter the currently selected profile and when logging out from the profile, entering the Manage profile and logging out from that, the toggle text will appear for a while but nothing will happen.

    I have also experienced the toggle text appearing when trying to log in to a profile and getting booted back to the login screen. Making it impossible to log in until XBMC4Gamers is re-launched.


    As a separate issue, the Artwork Installer Script will change the letter case of folders it searches.


    Will look into the first one. 
    (If edit mode is disabled you can’t enter the manage profiles profile, it should tell you this in big white letters on screen)

    second one is intentional, this is done because of how python treats caps and lowercase. 


    Edit: New version fixes the login edit mode issues.

  12. The UDATA folder probably had its property set to read only and XBMC follows these properties. 

    Unfortunately XBMC creates folders sometimes with read only attribute set and this means you can’t rename it eg... via python 🤷‍♂️

    only way to fix is what you done. Copy it off and create the folder via the FTP app and copy stuff back over. (Or you can do it all on the Xbox 🤷‍♂️)

  13. 6 hours ago, boblabla said:

    Thanks for the clarification Rocky5. I've done as you instructed and I appear to be able to patch the BIOS successfully.
    I'm running Evox M8+ BIOS. When I run the Virtual Drive Loader\default.xbe my LED flashes, then I get the XBOX/Evox logo screen, and then it puts me back in my dashboard.
    I've run your XISO to HDD script in XBMC4Gamers and it has done its job wonderfully and made my ISO games visible.
    Unfortunately, when I go to start an ISO game (after running your default.xbe) I get the standard loading screen, then a brief flash of an UnleashX logo, then it puts me back in my dashboard.
    Am I doing something wrong?

    This is the log file from the BIOS Loader:

    Phoenix Bios Loader - The Metoo Edition
    Setting led: 31
    Loading Rom: \Device\Harddisk0\Partition2\Virtual Drive Loader\bios.bin
    Setting video
     * Blanking screen
    Metoo BFM 2bl footer detected
    Allocate 2bl mem
    Copying 2bl
    Patching kernel param string
    Parameter string: " /SHADOW /HDBOOT"
    Calculating 2bl entry point
    Calling 2bl:
     * EntryPoint2BL 804035b0
     * PhysicalRomPos 02f01000


    Since you’re running the M8plus bios you can just run the patcher.xbe instead of the default.xbe.


    and no, what you have done should load the game.

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