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  1. Thank you! This is outstanding work!
  2. The title through me off a bit - would any of you kind lads have a tutorial on how to install the full XVGM on UnleashX? I can't find anything online and I assume the files/folders in the zip need to be placed in different directories for this to all work properly? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Found it! Will give it a go, ty!
  4. After a Tsop and 1tb HD install - I had Ninja Massive, a few Xbox games and Emulators working fine. This morning I go to power it on, everything looks fine but it will not Boot any of the above mentioned. Loads for a few minutes and returns me to UnleashX Dash. I cleared the cache and don't know what else it could be. Any tips or help with this is greatly appreciated ;(
  5. Thank you kindly for the info!
  6. Hi Wikati - That's the idea but was looking for something that coats in a clear way, allowing some light to pass through. Not a solid paint, or else it won't give the transparent look.
  7. As the title reads - is there a simple way or tutorial to remap the Start/back buttons that bring you back to CoinOps menu when you're on a game? Reason I desperately need this is because I'm running one of my Xbox's in a Jamma Arcade cabinet, connected through a daughterboard known as the Viletim Card. This card, along with 2 hackpads wired to jamma fingerboard, converts the gamepad controls to my arcade control panel...with the exception of the dreaded back button. Every time I need to plug in a gamepad in order to use that button combo for main CoinOp game selection. Thanks in advance gentlemen!
  8. An old friend of mine gave me 2 transparent Ghostcases years back (I know they're terrible). I'd like to know if there's a specific spray paint out there that dries on with a light transparency. Looking to do a blue. Any links or info is greatly appreciated!
  9. Just wanted to say hello and compliment on the awesome site! Modded my 1st Xbox back in 2006 and for the 1st time since then, I'm learning everything all over again! So many options - I love it!

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