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  1. I know the keyboard and mouse work for quake 3 arena PC port on the Xbox original if that helps
  2. I don't know what the policy is of selling games and software on the Xbox that's why I kind of left that out and then the hard drive size I figured since it's not you know the new standard of 500 GB to 2 TB I figured people would assume that it's just a small hard drive but I guess I was wrong. thanks for the information though
  3. And 8tb to 16tb HDD support
  4. I totally agree on that but I realized what I did I stopped with the next project of making one of those and this is the only one I've done and it's the only one I only will do with the insignia project coming yeah I thought it was kind of dumb to hack up the communicator thanks for the criticism I was not expecting that one
  5. Xbox original controller modded communicator shell with power button and USB port.... This requires modifications to be done to the console for this to function with the power button. USB port works as is. make sure you Google what this is before you ask me any questions. $20 USA Shipped. Cash App or PayPal goods and services only
  6. Xbox original controller to USB cable. $7 USA Shipped. Cash App or PayPal goods and services only.
  7. Xbox original Tony Hawk Pro skater 4. One of the 4 softmodding games. $18 USA Shipped. Cash App or PayPal goods and services only
  8. I can't wait to see Xbox live 1.0 hoping for so much but so far away
  9. Ok.... Sweets.... Someone Auto fixed the HDD key issues. Anything else I need to know about insignia project, enter working I should know about.... Thanks for the info.
  10. Ok.... Just checking.... All I know to use insignia project Online. Is 2x things. One. HDD locked with a valid key. No Zeroed keys. Two. Access to the factory dash to set up Xbox live 1.0.... this is as far as I know what is needed to play on insignia project

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