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  1. Thanks for trying... definitely going to mess around with this today once the kids are at school... Agreed! 3 of my xbox have 128mb and hd+ .... that would be sweet!
  2. From what I am reading this currently cannot be used for xboxhd+ as the patching process breaks things correct? The different udma options is interesting.. looking forward to experimenting with it...
  3. Thanks for confirming have to pick up a couple more ogx360 I guess...
  4. Hello Wondering if anyone else has issues with wingman xb not working with xenium launch menu or xblast menu? Using wingman and wireless 360 controller I get no response from the controller with xenium or xblast os. Assuming this must be driver issue as retail and other bios I've tried work fine..
  5. Just wanted to update this.. after getting a better microscope I located a tiny bridge that looked like a shadow on my old microscope. After removing the bridge I got 3.3v back on the eeprom and no more black screen just the frag from the failed bios flash.. Proceeded to do the 3 wire trick everything booted as it should.. reflashed the tsop and its now all good. Guess I should of bought the microscope in the first place , would of saved alot of time... oh well.
  6. Hello, I have been trying to diagnose a no video scenario with one of my xbox that I originally thought was being caused strictly by a bad bios flash. I original posted some questions about it in flashing and bios forums, troubleshooting has lead me to believe that my main problem is now related to eeprom issue so I figured post should be here, as it is no longer relevant to those forums if that is incorrect and I should of just continued posting in one of those previous thread I apologize... This xbox originally had a dead hard drive so I tried to read the eeprom with ch341a and a test clip. Being 1.0 xbox there was not much room to fit the test clip and after many failed attempts I gave up with the clip. At this point I unsoldered the eeprom and read it directly on the reader, I obtained good read with no issues then resoldered the eeprom. I continued to flash the tsop with xblast and upgrade the ram to 128mb. ram test passed with no issues after many heat cycles. I proceeded to flash a new bios to the tsop, except I bumped the power at the end of the procedure got an incomplete flash with frag. I was able to test some of the other sections of the tsop with recommended 3 wire trick and the xbox would boot but with flashing green and no video. I tried bypassing tsop with Aladdin but again no video and flashing green. Thinking I corrupted the eeprom I desoldered the eeprom and verified contents match the backup, and resoldered the eprom. The last modchip I tried was xblast modded Aladdin and to my surprise the xbox boots with video like normal, I believe this bios is working because it is Cromwell/Gentoox based and is ignoring the eeprom. In looking at the eeprom, I can read and write the chip no problem off board but I cannot read/write it in circuit through lpc header.... when I hook up programmer through lpc I get a red light on the programmer indicating incorrect pin or short. I now think I must of shorted something out when fighting with the test clip originally. Anyone have any idea on what I might of fried or what area I should start looking? is there any motherboard schematics floating around? I'm not ready to banish this poor box to the parts bin yet if I can help it lol. again thank to all that have helped me.
  7. Thanks, I will look into Cromwell bios. Is that what xblast os is bases off of by any chance? If so than that makes sense, as xblast bios boots but other bios do not... this may have just narrowed down my troubleshooting Thank you.
  8. Hello, Wondering is there any bios that will boot and function without working eeprom? Thanks
  9. Hello, Unfortunately I was not able to reflash the onboard bios, as the dvd drive didn't seem to function properly to read the disc. So I installed an alladin with ind bios and it would boot but I still had black screen but this time eject led was flashing green. Thinking maybe somehow I had a corrupted the eeprom as I originally had to remove the eeprom from the board to read it and back it up. So I unsoldered again reflashed the eeprom and verified the flash resoldered the eeprom still getting the flashing green light. Ok tried an aladdin modded with xblast this time. Hey it boots to the bios selection screen and I have video! Ok select a bios and.... nope back to black screen solid green light this time. Tried m8 bios on other bank same thing... My question is, what isn't xblast os checking that is normally checked that is causing my no video? Do you think there could be a bad solder joint on one of the ram chips? Maybe not bad enough to frag but bad enough to corrupt memory? I think issue is more than bad bios flash Any thoughts? Thanks
  10. Sweet! thanks for that, I will give it a shot
  11. I tried your 3 wire method using aligator clip and grounding pin 1 and 2 on the tsop and the xbox booted, thank you sir. only issue now is no video is being displayed so somthing is not right with the bios... any thoughts on how to get around this? Any way to re flash remotely through network without having a visual on screen?
  12. Thanks for the suggestion on the 3 wire trick, I will give it a shot tomorrow
  13. Hello, Just finished doing my first 128mb upgrade on a 1.0 xbox. Overall it wasn't too bad just had to take my time. Used xblast os to make sure all chips were good and let it run for a while and let everything heat up.. everything is good.. Next step was to flash regular bios back to the tsop replacing xblast bios. Got netflash going and loaded up a 1mb x5035... progress bar completed then the xbox rebooted... on reboot I accidentally bumped the power button shutting the xbox off... not sure if I screwd up the flash by bumping the power button or if there was an issue with the bios file I used... Now when powering up the xbox the power cycles a couple times then flashes red/ green with no video output.. I do have a couple Aladin chips around here somewhere I should be able to flash and use but I was just wondering if there is any way to save the on-board flash chip? I seem to recall reading about some modified m7 bios that may allow saving on-board flash but I'm assuming the modified bios would only work with certain bios on the tsop... Can anyone please confirm if I can save the tsop or am I stuck with a modchip on this box? Took my time installing the ram chips only to rush the bios flash... sooo stupid
  14. Hello, Just wondering what you guys procedure is for cleaning up after leaking capacitors? I remove all the caps then clean with 99% isopropyl alcohol and a lightly scrub with a small brush... afterward a light clean with demineralized water and let dry for a few days before re capping. Is there special cleaners for this that would neutralize and clean better? Thanks

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