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  1. Sweet! thanks for that, I will give it a shot
  2. I tried your 3 wire method using aligator clip and grounding pin 1 and 2 on the tsop and the xbox booted, thank you sir. only issue now is no video is being displayed so somthing is not right with the bios... any thoughts on how to get around this? Any way to re flash remotely through network without having a visual on screen?
  3. Thanks for the suggestion on the 3 wire trick, I will give it a shot tomorrow
  4. Hello, Just finished doing my first 128mb upgrade on a 1.0 xbox. Overall it wasn't too bad just had to take my time. Used xblast os to make sure all chips were good and let it run for a while and let everything heat up.. everything is good.. Next step was to flash regular bios back to the tsop replacing xblast bios. Got netflash going and loaded up a 1mb x5035... progress bar completed then the xbox rebooted... on reboot I accidentally bumped the power button shutting the xbox off... not sure if I screwd up the flash by bumping the power button or if there was an issue with the bios file I used... Now when powering up the xbox the power cycles a couple times then flashes red/ green with no video output.. I do have a couple Aladin chips around here somewhere I should be able to flash and use but I was just wondering if there is any way to save the on-board flash chip? I seem to recall reading about some modified m7 bios that may allow saving on-board flash but I'm assuming the modified bios would only work with certain bios on the tsop... Can anyone please confirm if I can save the tsop or am I stuck with a modchip on this box? Took my time installing the ram chips only to rush the bios flash... sooo stupid
  5. Hello, Just wondering what you guys procedure is for cleaning up after leaking capacitors? I remove all the caps then clean with 99% isopropyl alcohol and a lightly scrub with a small brush... afterward a light clean with demineralized water and let dry for a few days before re capping. Is there special cleaners for this that would neutralize and clean better? Thanks

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