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  1. Hey Rocky5, great work on the XMBC4gamers! Just wanted to ask, is there any way I can edit the background color for the profile select screen within XMBC4gamers? Or better yet, can I get a skin for it or perhaps some kind of night mode? (I already have nightmode engaged but it only affects within the profiles, not the profile select screen.) The UI allows me to change the profile color of the background WITHIN a profile, but not at the profile select screen. Since this is the first thing that pops up when I turn on my xbox, I am forced to see this crummy baby blue color that I don't like and everywhere online claims theres no way to change it or customize it. I have a feeling the baby blue value is given via a hex color code within some file somewhere, I do not mind going into a line of code and editing the hex value if necessary, I just want to know where this information is located in order to change it, because this is literally the last thing before I am 100% custom and everything looks nice and shiny and to my liking but currently the baby blue is driving me nuts. I'd personally love a space grey or something. I also want to mention I have a soft modded xbox. Thanks
  2. Downloaded the manual, read the whole thing, pretty much already knew like 95% of the information just from the going through the UI of XMBC4gamers. I know how to edit the background color and UI WITHIN a profile, but there appears to not be a way to edit the background in the profile SELECT screen within the given UI options. I have googled around and other people have asked this question elsewhere and the responses seem to be that its not possible. However from my understanding of code, there has to be a line somewhere that tells the xbox to display a hex color value for the background, and thats the only thing I really want to change because I can't stand this baby blue lol. Also why is a soft mod not as good as a hard mod? I thought they were essentially the same. What are the benefits of a hard mod? Looks like I'll have to chat with Rocky5 directly, I tried googling for him but this has been helpful thanks KaosEngineer!
  3. Hey there, I recently had this happen to me almost exactly as you described, especially with emulated games, and it was because the file name was too long, even though it was the default file name from the creators, usually they were long titles with a sub title that stretched the name past the character or text limit. It might be fine for windows, but the xbox had a smaller file title character limit than your desktop PC. If you rename the files to shorter names, usually it will work. However, changing the names also could change the file itself from working, in my case it was Bin and cue files for a ps1 emulator. In my case, I had to open the Cue file in notepad, and manually change the code and replace the bin file name to the new changed name, and everything worked just fine. I am almost positive this is what is causing your issue. Cheers!
  4. I've been able to customize just about everything in XMBC4gamers, I have a softmodded xbox original, and I noticed in the profile select screen, where I can either select manage profiles, or select a profile with my xbox games or emulators. The profile select screen is what boots up for me right away when I turn on the xbox, so the first thing I see is like crummy boxes and a baby blue background. Is there any sort of dark mode? I don't need a crazy skin, I just want to change the colors, is there anyway to change a line of code in a file to change it? Does anyone know how to contact the creators to ask? This would be the icing on the cake for me after setting up a sweet system Thanks!

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