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  1. I know this is an old thread but I just wanted to confirm, that HEX Edit worked perfectly for me.
  2. I see, I didn't know there was any more skins. I thought everything on the URL downloader was it, guess I was wrong, haha. Thanks though, I'll check those out now! Edit: Not interested in Origins, don't wanna make this like like a 360 it deserves better. Where do I find this Xbox-Classic skin you are talking about?
  3. It's not really.. I just like the look and feel of UnleashX better. XBMC4Gamers is too blah and simple looking but I'm getting used to it so maybe I'll stick with it.
  4. Yeah I agree, I absolutely love the artwork but.. XBMC4Gamers is far inferior to UnleashX and I decided to go back to it. XBMC is to limited, it's like using an iPhone compared to an Android lol. Glad I tried it out though.
  5. Hmm.. that's a great idea. This would be much faster than FTP. I'll let ya know if I figure anything out.
  6. Yep, but it wasn't installing the artwork automatically. No worries though I figured it out. I just downloaded the artwork from Rocky5's google drive and manually put it in the root folder, all good now.
  7. It's great man, I love it. But.. I'm trying to understand how the artwork works. I have CoinOPS 8 Massive installed and there is artwork for CoinOPS but it's not linking to mine. Do I have to rename the title or folder to a certain name for it to register with the artwork? Here's the artwork XML. <synopsis> <sourcename>CoinOPS-MB</sourcename> <foldername>Coinops</foldername> <title>Coinops</title> <developer>BritneysPAIRS</developer> <publisher>N/A</publisher> <features_general>N/A</features_general> <fea
  8. I see I see, well then it's most definitely better then. Out with the old, in with the new I suppose. Looking forward to installing it tomorrow.
  9. Hey guys, I just installed UnleashX like back in the day, only to find out about XBMC. I was just wondering besides being visually stunning how does it compare to UnleashX?
  10. Sorry I couldn't reply for 24 hours, apparently I can only make 4 posts a day. Anyway.. I am using the SinLoon adapter form amazon, it only has a master and slave option, I have it on master. The boot is actually more like 20 seconds now that I timed it. The HDD seems to function well beyond that. Thank you both for letting me know that this behavior is expected. And yes I believe my F drive is correctly formatted it must be because it works fine, not using a G since it's only a 500gb HDD, thanks.
  11. Hello guys, I just upgraded my softmodded Xbox to a 500gb sata drive. Everything works great but.. it takes like 30 seconds to boot up which is kind of annoying. Could this be because of the sata adapter I'm using? I'm using an 80-wire ide cable so I know that's not the issue. Or are slower boot times normal? I haven't modded one of these for years. Just wondering, thanks.
  12. Hey guys, just getting back into modding the original Xbox and man it has changed. So many more options now and amazing homebrew. I'm excited.
  13. Very nice, I'd like to see the inside as well please.

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