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  1. So guys what Bios do you recommend for a 1.0 board that will be running emulators mostly?
  2. Thanks thats what I was thinking and I have both a Duke and S on the way hoping they will be here by friday
  3. Today I received my parts xbox in the mail. I broke it down for cleaning and it is a v1.0 board. I removed the clock capacitor and cleaned the area since it had been leaking. Next I installed the mod chip and made sure it boots. Then I transplanted it into my halo case and buttoned it all up. I have 1 question, does xenium os only respond to an original Microsoft controller, the controllers I have will not work in xenium os but work fine without the chip installed.
  4. It stopped booting stock bios the second the chip tried to boot
  5. I got that but using too broad of a tip I broke off some of the original soldering points. I was hoping someone had a diagram of alternative soldering points for the lpc rebuild
  6. ok guys I need help. Does anyone have an alternate lpc rebuild diagram for a 1.6 motherboard. I have tried everything to get this working again and I'm at wits end. On a good note I learned the importance of a fine tip on your soldering iron lol.
  7. Today I received all of my cables and capacitors in the mail. I replaced the capacitors and the thing is running perfectly. I can't wait for the Open Xenium to come in so I can mod this thing. This will be a fun project for sure. I'm also heading to a friends house whos says he has another xbox that I can have. I'm hoping it will be an older version but we will see soon enough.
  8. What PC program do you recommend for file transfer and handling the xbox files?
  9. As the title states I am repairing and modding a green 1.6v Halo edition xbox. This console was my wife's and we have had it in our closet for years. I decided to pull it out and see if this thing works for her to play as she refuses to play my PC or xbox one. She doesn't enjoy the new games as I do and wants to play older games she used to play as a child. As of now I have broken down the console and thoroughly cleaned it. I removed the heatsinks and removed all the old thermal paste and replaced it with noctua NT-H1, which is what I use in my PC builds. I noticed that the 5 capacitors closest to the CPU are all bulging and need to be replaced, so I ordered those. For mods, as of this moment I will be installing the Openxenium chip with the LPC rebuild board. I want to install a 2Tb hard drive and I know I'll have to upgrade the IDE cable and ad an adapter. Can someone add part numbers for the cable and adapter. I'll be using the WD Blue 5400 rpm drive for this. I have not made up my mind on BIOS and want to play around with several to find the one I know my wife can use with no problems. If anyone has some suggestions on BIOS let me hear them. Last I want to add some RGB lighting to the build, nothing crazy just a nice soft glow is what I'm shooting for. Not sure where to hook up to power and guess I'll have to search for some power pinouts and such. I would love to see some of your builds with lighting to get some ideas. Anyway I will be taking everyone along this journey as I build and learn this console. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated and I look forward to talking to and learning from you guys.
  10. This is the one I have been checking out and may be what I go with, at the moment I am waiting for a display adapter to come in so I can see if this thing even works. Also awaiting capacitors as all 5 close to the CPU are bulging and need to be replaced. I did hook power to it and it does light up and the disk tray opens so that is a good sign. I have already broke it down and cleaned it up and replaced the thermal paste with some noctua NT-H1.
  11. Thank you very much that answered all my questions. I am not here just to download and plan to help out others here as I learn more about this beast of a console. Like I said before I didn't have any experience with the original xbox, honestly when it was out I was a playstation fanboy and only played on one once at a friends house. I got into xbox when the 360 launched only for Gears of War and have been xbox ever since.
  12. Hello all, just wanted to say this site is amazing. I am just getting into modding consoles and everything I searched led me here so here I am lol. My first mod will be the open xenium chip which, I am awaiting delivery, and replacing failing capacitors on a Halo edition green 1.6 xbox. I have been tinkering and fixing things all my life and had heard of modding consoles, I have just never really tried to do any of it. After deciding to breath new life into my wife's childhood console, the more I dug the more I found you could do to this thing. She doesn't really like modern gaming titles so I want to load this thig up with emulators so she can enjoy gaming as much as I do. If anyone has any suggestions or would like to give advice I will definitely welcome it all. Also if someone could point me in the direction of the site rules and specified posts needed for using all features of the site that would be great. Thank you for the wealth of knowledge, I hope to become a regular here.

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