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  1. Thanks, i'll try that and see if it works. Yes, nothing wrong with the drive. Just needed artwork as some of my games had the puzzle piece as artwork covers.
  2. Hello, i just put a 2TB drive in my original xbox and put some games in it. I went to extract Resources4XBMC v1.0 so i could ftp the artwork over and got an error message. I'm trying to re-download Resources4XBMC v1.0 and i cant find it anywhere? Can anyone help? I think it was around 12 gig's.
  3. The first thing i do is connect the hdd to my computer and see if it detects it. At least i'll know if the drive is dead or locked.
  4. That seems like a lot of work. If it's hardmodded then just put in Rocky5softmod tools on a disc and install it that way. I did one yesterday. After loading up the disc i just told it to install xbmx4gamers (or emustation) dash on e:/root folder, not the apps folder.
  5. I didn’t have it plugged in at the same time. 1st the 5v and then the 12v, same results. I tried my 1tb Sata drive and when it didn’t blink I tried the stock ide drive. Still no flashing, just a steady light. Are you guys saying I should tap into the ide/sata adapter?
  6. Hello, i'm trying to finish up this Millennium Falcon mod i'm working on. I soldered a wire to the #39 pin to the negative leg of my led and the other leg of my led to the 12v and the 5v wires on my molex connector and light comes on but never blinks. It just stays on constant What am i doing wrong?
  7. I understand, I will test it and it tomorrow. Thanks from r the help guys!
  8. Ok, the file limit looks like the problem. My psxcds folder has 4096 files in it. Can i make a second roms folder? I know mame gives me that option but not sure about PCSXBox emulator though. I've checked in the settings but couldn't find anything. What are other people doing to get their whole ps1 set in the xbox? I think i have 750 GB worth of roms.
  9. My PS1 set fails to transfer all the games. I think i read somewhere that there is a cap of how many files can fit in a folder. Can i make a second folder for roms like in MAME?
  10. Cool, i just grabbed that version and will test it. Now i have to get the Sega CD files down right.
  11. I'm trying to setup these madmab edition emu's for sega cd and ps1. On sega cd i'm using bin/cue files but it won't load the game. On ps1 i have img files and they won't load either. Are these the right format for the games?
  12. I understand. As for the sata adapter goes, i used the Kingwin Sata To Ide Bridge Board Adp-06. That one didn't work. I laready ordered the WD Blue 7400 rpm 2TB which will be here next friday. I'll just try to hunt down some more artwork in the meantime.
  13. I guess ill pick the board i want once i open those other units. Right not this one is a 1.6. I'll just stick with the blue drives if it really doesn't matter. Now i'm looking for a SATA to IDE adapter. Funny thing is..... i bought a cheap 2 pack for $10 i think and they didn't work. So i bought a nice one with foam backing on it for around $18 and it still didn't work. Come to find out its my 40 pin ide cable. I bought a 40pin 80 ide cable now it works, but with the cheap adapter?? the more expensive won't work weird??? Not sure if i should stick with the cheapo's or not, lol.

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