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  1. The link above uses some kit to install the board, I dont have that and have no thoughts of seaking one. Instead, I plan to solder directly to the connector on the base of the motherboard. I have found this, which I will use for a guide and simply connect the same wires that would normally be connected to the connector itself. I used Chimp with the hdmi connector, it defaulted to 480p which is fine. Its the image quality that I enjoy over the resolution (for this cost).
  2. I have recently discovered the stuff you can do with a wii2hdmi adapter, where you can chuck an xbox video connector to the back of it, and have the xbox og output over HDMI. I have just completed this mod, and found it simple enough. The xbox connector itself is however a bit fidly. I think there would be enough room under the DVD drive to mount a board and get hdmi output directly out of the back of the console, which would be alot cleaner in style and easier to use (without having a huge dongle sticking out of the back of the console). Now in order to get video sign
  3. Be careful with the sata -> pata adapter. Ive found quite a few to have exposed pins at the back of the converter, which easily short / damage wires. I few layers of electrical tape usually sorts it out.
  4. Not aware of any such restriction. They have a discord that mentions that it will work on non modded xbox's, but only if you can extract system/hard drive keys from it first. I think the only restriction is that it cant use unlocked harddrive's / zero'd keys because this is an identification method (and everyone would have the same key). Their discord https://discord.gg/CWkdVdc
  5. Not quite ready yet, but also worth mentioning Project Insignia https://youtu.be/5DVKwTtJtS8

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