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  1. Maxtor 6Y160PO 1105 HD shutdowns in total so I guess its been used a lot.
  2. Is it possible to check HD health in xbox somewhere? cant find it in xbmc4xbox dash?
  3. Hi, I just downloaded GTA San Andreas to Xbox and ftped it over to the xbox. When playing it the hd makes noise all the time? No problems in the game but it is usual with so much sound? I tried Call of Duty on the Xbox and it does not make any noise when playing.
  4. Shouldn´t you replace all capacitors if making these mods? I bought a 1 ghz + 128mb , still working fine but the capacitors in the xbox is 20 years old, will soon fail.........
  5. nin1

    N64 Emulator

    Which is the latest version of the n64 emulator?
  6. My 2 xboxes 1 GHZ + 128 MB Ram and original 1.6 runs at 40ish idle.
  7. nin1

    N64 Emulator

    Hi, I need a download link for the latest n64 emulator for the xbox. Been looking everywhere. Cannot find it. help please
  8. Anyone tried Goldeneye with a upgraded Xbox with atleast 1 GHZ + 128mb ram. Is it playable?
  9. Yeah, I tried Pcsxbox and you can clearly see an improvement in Resident Evil, it´s running more stable.
  10. Oh, the 1 GHZ Xbox was on PAL mode so changed to NTSC mode and now the SNES Emulator has 60/60 fps.
  11. Okay, I tried patching and went okay. But now FPS is 50/60. Original Xbox with 733 mhz 64 mb ram has 60/60. Isn´t it strange?
  12. Anyone have the download-link to the 1 GHZ .XBE patcher?
  13. Hi, I tried Super Mario World with my 1 Ghz + 128mb ram with Zsnexbox 3.7. Its get sloppy with 37/60 FPs all the time. But with my Stock CPU , 64 mb ram xbox I get max 60/60. Is Zsnexbox not working good with upgraded ram and cpu?

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