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  1. If you buy these, make sure the capacitors are replaced in the deal. I bought mine from n64freak about 1 year ago, maybe used it at little as 10 hours. Capacitors for the processor are bulging badly!
  2. I got my xbox working with the install cd, forgot to copy eeeprom last time.
  3. Hi, three capacitors that goes to the processor are bulging badly... red things on top etc.. Which caps are best to use? Which uF and volt for them?
  4. When I put in the CD on a brand new harddrive it says unleash... Do you want to prepare the new hd. f, g drive etc.. Press yes on everything?
  5. yea, but the xbox boots up and works if I put in the old harddrive. I installed xbox4gamers as dashboard and set up the new hd at the start. but i think the xbox is stuck with the old hd harddrive serial right?
  6. It works now again if i put in the old harddrive. But If I put in the new harddrive bios just shows up and nothing happens. I installed xbmc4xbox as dashboard. hd key problem? doesnt it fix it automatically?
  7. My xbox is now dead after pressing the TSOP 256...
  8. I have a Xbox 1.6 , BIOS is protected. Inside there is a Alladin chip. Flashing TSOP/Winbond 256 kb just fails when trying. I want to install IND.Bios but doesnt seem to work?
  9. Any fix for the snes install? Doesnt work.
  10. So I installed a new 80 GB Ide harddrive, all capacitors look in good condition , will try this soon.
  11. Looks nice, will try it tomorrow.
  12. Does it have the newest emulators for: SNES,NES,N64,PSX?
  13. Can you create a youtube video want to see how it works?
  14. I am going to try this, got a new ide harddrive with alladin modchip . PBL or without?
  15. Can you check HD health with the dashboard? I.e how many times started etc? Do you know any bios I could use which turns off laser-check on boot?

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