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Paul Harrison

Screen Flicker Version 1.4

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I have this exact same problem on a 1.4 using the Pound cable. I've chalked it up to that as I know Pound had trouble with 1.4 consoles, but it's interesting OP has this happening with all cables.

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I have been on discord #originalxbox and we have came to the conclusion that it could be the three capacitors near the cpu.  They look fine, but could still be going bad.  Also might be the gpu...By the way, hi @MrMario2011, are you the MrMario on youtube by any chance, big fan if so!

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      See photo I’ve narrowed it down to 1.4 or 1.5...

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      Dear All,
      On my 1.4 still soft modded Xbox, I have some issues with screen stretching, I'm using component cables to connect to my tv and enable HD output, and on UnleashedX I have adjusted the screen to fit the edges of my TV, but when I run Homebrew Games the adjustment I have done to UnleashedX Dashboard doesn't apply, all games are zoomed in, making some of the screen not displaying, tried changing settings  on my TV changing perspective from 16:9 to 4:3, doesn't work, still zoomed in, is there a normal issue? How can I fix this?
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      Every game run on this emu suffers from screen tearing. The only way that I found to circumvent this issue is to go into:
      Configuration -> Video Configuration -> Other Video Configurations -> Xbox Hardware Filtering and change it to Bilinear Filtering, but the image is too soft for my liking.
      By default, it is set to Point Filtering, and software filter: None
      Any alternatives?

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