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Hi all!

I decided to dust off my Xbox and performed a TSOP and this forum helped alot so i decided to join to get some help with some specific topics, as well as help others that are as clueless as i was when i began this whole process.

so...Hi! Glad to be a part of such a dedicated community!


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    • By benderunit1
      Hi everybody!
      I'm back on the scene after a long time. My original xbox from launch date is running great with an old Matrix chip and a 500GB IDE drive.
      But, now I am setting up a spare Xbox 1..6 for a friend who loves old games.. I've been pleasantly surprised to see some updates are still out there since I last updated (now years ago!) I'm slowly configuring and setting up their xbox as a wedding gift. I threw in an Aladdin 2 XT, 1TB hard drive, Bought some USB adapters, and even the DVD Remote for it.. It's looking nice so far.
      - Bender 
    • By DorianXonic
      Hi, I'm Dorian.
      I own an Original Xbox Crystal
      I'm glad to see there's a place like this on the web.
    • By LCRava
      Greetings my new friends, I was finally able to acquire a modded Xecutor 3 Xbox and I’ll be doing some cosmetic mods, the RAM upgrade and a 3TB HDD install. 
      I plan on getting hid of all my classic games and consoles and substituting them for the Xbox only.
      Needless to say, upon researching I ended up here several times, so thank you guys very much for sharing your work.
      Have a good one!

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