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Board startup date: April 23, 2017 12:45:48
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    • By BobbenSun
      Hello ! 

      Just wondering if anyone has a good place to order the gold and black clock caps for a 1.6. I'm in North America

      Like a newb, I removed them too, as I was doing a bunch of boxes at the same time. Now my cristal is not turning on at all lol. 

      I need new replacement caps !!! 

      .... Links please !!
    • By AkioVibes
      Hello, I introduce myself AkioVibes I'm from Montreal Quebec
      I collect the original Xbox, I have about half of the complete set, 500 games ...
      Currently, I'm looking for info on the console mod: D! I want to increase the ram and double the processor! So make it HD too if you have information, I'm interested!

      I am also looking for games and articles of all kinds.
      good day all thanx for the accepts ! 

    • By Rylos
      I'm an old school modder from the original days. Getting back into it after a buddy asked me to fix and revamp his two consoles. I was an xecuter fanboy and used their chips exclusively along with TSOP flashing X2 bioses.
      It's pretty awesome to see a forum that is still active.

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