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turbo479    2

I'll keep this short and simple. My stepdaughter has a Modded Xbox that I did not mod. The picture is nice and clear and the ones I am modding don't look half as good. We are both running unleash X and using the same cables. What could be the cause of hers looking so much cleaner than mine

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For some reason when I enable highdef in soft mod it doesn't always stick.  Try the steps in this thread.  They always work for me.  http://xbmcxbox.blogspot.com/2013/04/play-original-xbox-games-in-hd-high.html?m=1  You have to do this from stock msdash.


*concerning the PAL region, your original Xbox must have a softmod installed to access HD settings

Instructions for forced High Definition:

  • Enter "settings" from the Xbox dashboard
  • Enter "video"
  • Choose "normal" video mode
  • Choose "yes" for 480p, 720p and 1080i
  • Return to the Xbox dashboard
  • Hold the following buttons together left trigger, right trigger, left analog stick (button), right analog stick (button)
  • Your original Xbox is now in forced HD mode. The mode will remain even after shutting off the Xbox. To resume your Xbox to standard simply re-do the steps prior. 
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turbo479    2

It worked. I do have one issue. My surreal 64 menu shows up in a small corner or my tv but games play full screen. How do I get the menu to be full screen?


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I don't have time to check right now but I don't remember having that problem.  If you have UnleashedX running check that the higher resolutions are enabled under video settings.  Also I know znes has different skins for different resolutions.  Maybe the same for surreal

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