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  1. How to fix Trace Corrosion.

    Completed my first trace repair today. Thanks for the write up !!
  2. Custom Coin Ops wanted

    I want someone to make me a custom version of CoinOPS . I want a version with no arcade games on it just all the consoles on it will emulate. LMK if this is something you can do and a price. Thanks Bigdaddy51200
  3. UnleashX menu issues

    Thanks guys . As always thanks for the help !
  4. UnleashX menu issues

    Here the file if anyone wants it. config.xml
  5. UnleashX menu issues

    Thanks Guys! I got it fixed on facebook page within minutes . Going to take a while to get that kind of response here.
  6. UnleashX menu issues

    I am trying to add menu items and for some reason i can't get them to work now . Green = shows up in menu, red doesn't . <Menu> </List> <Item Action="LaunchDVD">Launch DVD</Item> <List Text="CoinOPS" Sort="On" Auto="On"> <Path>F:\CoinOPS</Path> <List Text="Emulators" Sort="On" Auto="On"> <Path>E:\Emus</Path> <Path>F:\Emus</Path> <List Text="Games" Sort="On" Auto="On"> <Path>E:\Games</Path> <Path>F:\Games</Path> <Path>E:\HDDLoader</Path> <Path>F:\HDDLoader</Path> <List Text="Homebrew Games" Sort="On" Auto="On"> <Path>F:\Homebrew Games</Path> <List Text="Applications" Sort="On" Auto="On"> <Path>E:\Apps</Path> <Path>F:\Apps</Path>

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