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    • By bulkchart32
      i know the drive from a 360 will not work with an og xbox but are there any parts from a 360 drive that would work? for example, would certain lasers like the SOH-DX1 from a 360 drive work in an og xbox drive that has the same model laser?
    • By corona2222
      I'm getting a shimmer/interference and a line slowly moving vertically on screen, using component cable. What are the thoughts on cause & fix?
      I read the best visual out for xbox original is component, so I ebayed a component cable, plugged in. (Please login or register to see this link. )
      I checked TV supports YPbPr. (manual Please login or register to see this link. )
      I've wiggled the connections, and tried green only - the same shimmer&line. 
      Also the TV says 576i@50hz, I thought component would do 480p?
      The composite cable it came with works ok, but looking to improve on quality.
      Please login or register to see this attachment.

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