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Pound Hd Link Cable

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Hi Guys.  Have any of you tried the Pound HD Link Cable? Here is a link to their site: Please login or register to see this link.

I have watched YouTube reviews from Metal Jesus Rocks and the Immortal John Hancock and they seem to like it. I have heard it has issues with a v1.0 XBOX. Just wondering if you guys have any experience with these cables and if you would recommend them or not. Thanks.

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The issues were with 1.4/1.5 Xboxes, and Xboxes that have had their shielding removed.


I've used it. They're servicable, if you have no way to use component, but if you can, I'd definitely recommend the official Microsoft component cables (or making your own) over the Pound HDMI. Or if you really need HDMI, maybe look into the N64Freak HDMI cable.

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Thanks Forlorn Penguin. I was hoping the Pound cable would work because they are a lot less expensive than the official component cables. I guess I'll try to find an official Microsoft component cable.

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I bought a Pound HD Link cable that recently became available on Amazon and wanted to you let everyone know my experience with it just in case anyone else was thinking about getting one. I have three xboxes: a v1.0, a v1.1 and a v1.4.  The v1.0 is tsop modded, the v1.1 is softmoded (sharp) and the v1.4 is stock. I felt the cable worked very well with the v1.0 and v1.1 models, but not so well with the v1.4.  With the v1.0 and v1.1, I tested the pound cable on an older 50 inch Panasonic plasma tv and a fairly new 60 inch Vizio tv. I couldn't really see any difference between the pound cable and the monster component cable I use primarily. With the v1.4 there was some interference on the screen that wasn't present with my other two xboxes. 

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