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    • By Pipo
      Hello is it actually easy from a softmod to a tsop ?
      What do you need all that for?
    • By Sceriffo
      Hi all,
      hello everybody from lo Sceriffo, writing from Italy.
      After more than 15 years wanting an Xbox finally I decided to pull the trigger and bought recently 2 OG Xboxes (a little bit later, I know).
      Been lurking for a while, now I'm registered.
      Have a nice day to you all,
      Lo Sceriffo
    • By LinkIsNotZelda
      hey im LinkIsNotZelda real name is chris im from the uk . I've been out of the xbox modding scene for 10 plus years after my reluctant sale of my 2002 black xbox ( what a sad day that was ) .i noticed a lot has changed over those years so ive got a lot of catching up to do . my new og xbox is a 2004 1.6 crystal xbox  which is bone stock at the moment but getting me an xblast/Aladdin chip with the lpc board sent to me from the states 

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