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    • By pwntang666
      I installed the latest version of Avalaunch and the launch skin is this anime santa chick. I'd like to disable so I can launch with my favorite Vida Guerra skin. Is this possible to do in settings or by modifying the xml, or do I need a different build of Avalaunch?
    • By HDShadow
      Not for the first time I've gone looking for the 'official' UnleashX manual online to point a poster in a forum to some of the useful information it contains.
      I've just had to do that again and this time I could not find an online copy except for one some bad monkey web site is trying to get users to pay for.  I thought why not attach the original copy I have to a post here.
      Hope it works.
      If not then perhaps somebody else could post a working link or share a copy and add it to the downloads here instead.   
      UnleashX Tutorial.pdf
    • By KpCollins
      Looking to create some skins for Unleashed X. I've download UX Architect, I've also downloaded UnleashX_Toolbox_A5 which I think are the same thing.
      I cannot get it to run, Windows 10 Says it needs Net Framework 1.1.4332 and Windows XP in VMWare says the same thing. Windows 10 Will install the framework but no change, Windows XP will not. Acquiring 7 at the moment
      Could anyone help me on this? I'll figure the software out but struggling with getting it running. Any Alternatives/Methods? I can write the XML File instead right?

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