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    • By prtscn
      Console won't turn on, only blink green few times. CD drive won't open, nothing. tried to flash x3 1MB bios to 1.0 motherboard. I had previously flashed 256kB, 512kB.
      Any directions?
    • By titchgamer
      Just a theoretical pondering as I could not find any info on it.
      I know you can null a HDD key on a soft mod’d xbox so I was wondering if it was possible to null and lock a hdd using a tsopd xbox then transfer it into the soft mod’d xbox?
    • By CrispyWhispy
      This is a guide for anyone out there who may have an old mod chipped system and decides they want to Flash the TSOP and get rid of the mod chip.
      For Xbox revisions 1.0 to 1.5 only.
      I've had my v1.1 Xbox since almost launch (in Australia) the box has served me well for over 17 years. Had it modded by a guy we found in the newspaper.
      Just some small maintenance along the journey - refurbish the DVD drive (Samsung), fix trace corrosion and remove the clock capacitor.
      Now it was time to say goodbye to the Aladdin Advance.
      This may not be the quickest way, but I think it would be one of the safest.
      Full backup of all partitions on my PC
      Backup of EEPROM (Through Evox Dash) - Send to PC
      Backup of HDD EEPROM through Config Magic(different to the Evox Backup?) - Send to PC
      Locked the HDD to the Xbox via ConfigMagic or Evox Dash etc
      Softmodded with Slayers 3.3 - C drive no virtual
      Removed Aladdin Advance mod chip - mine was soldered directly to MB so be careful when removing. I accidently broke off the C702 component and had to solder back on.
      Soldered the correct TSOP write points for my Xbox revision  - For Reference Please login or register to see this link.  
      Checked BIOS with Bios checker on AutoInstallerDeluxe 4.5.3
      TSOP confirmed writable. It will say 'TSOP?' up the top of the screen
      Ran TruHexen 2020, flash bios the correct BIOS to TSOP depending on revision - v1.0 & v1.1 can support up to 1MB Bios, v1.2-v1.5 can support 256KB Bios - M8 Plus.67 is safest
      Ran option 3.5.2 on TruHexen2020 - clean C after TSOP - To remove Softmod
      Reformatted F and G drives with XBpartioner 1.3 - ensuring they show the full and correct amount in File Explorer/Your dash of choice
      Delete contents of C and E partitions via FTP, and FTP over original C and E contents, reboot the Xbox
      FTP all F and G data back to the Xbox.
      For a video of the TSOP solder and flash process - Please login or register to see this link.
      Hopefully this will help someone in the future.


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