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Hi all

I am a new member, so not sure if this posting is in the correct place, but any help and advice would be really appreciated.

I bought a modded Xbox with XBMC/Coinops4 on it about 6-7 years ago and then stored it away without really trying it out. In all there are about 5,000 emulated arcade and console games present (plus a few Xbox titles).

I recently decided to start looking at it properly, and so far it seems to be working fine (on a HD ready LCD) except for the following issues/queries. Although not a technical person I have spent the last 2-3 weeks scouring the internet for information/answers to the below, but have not been able resolve/clarify them. 


1) None of the NES games work, even though all their ROMS are present a folder named "F:\Emulation\Coinop4\Romsconsoles".


The ABADOX.NES Rom is located in "F:\Emulation\Coinop4\Romsconsoles\NES_Abadox.zip".

But whenever I try and run this game I get message "Error Opening D:\Romsconsoles\NES\NES_Abadox.zip ... No such file or directory  PRESS B"

On reading this error message I appreciate that when selecting a NES game, the system appears to be looking in the wrong directory but I do not know how to fix it.

2) After many searches I found out how to enable the 480p/720p settings by changing PAL to NSTC (and using component cables). On the 720p setting, the XMBC dashboard writing looks far clearer than it did when running in the default PAL 576i setting, as do some XBOX games. However although all the emulated console/arcade games still OK, they do not appear to be any sharper/clearer than when using the original PAL setting or when I just use just the 480p setting or even when I simply use a RGB cable. Am I missing something or does 720p setting only apply to the dashboard and not the actual emulated arcade/console games? This question has really perplexed me !

3) The Coinops instructions (as found on the internet) state that you can use the Left/Right thumb buttons to enable Semi-Automatic or Automatic fire respectively. However when playing a game like Metal Slug, pressing either of these thumb buttons does not have any effect. Further, when playing a console game I know that the Right thumb button is used to adjust screen size. Again, what am I misunderstanding from the Coinops instructions ?

4) When running Amiga games that require a 2nd disc, pressing the START button (as stated in the Coinops instrutions) does not do anything. Also a similar problem with X68000 games that show a screen requiring you to insert a floppy disc ..... not sure what to do (nothing in Coinops instructions).


Hope that my above ramblings make some sense to someone more knowledgeable than myself !

Thanks JB

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