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    • By Paulius
      Hello, I am looking to understand what is the ‘normal’ range of cpu and m/b temperatures for a softmodded xbox.  I expected this question to have already been discussed here but I couldn’t find any direct answers on it.  My cpu temp after a recent gaming  session was 69c.  Is this too high or is it normal?  M/b temp was 53c.  I recently applied fresh thermal paste to both the cpu and gpu so that can’t be a reason for high cpu temps.  Maybe it would be useful for folks to post what temps they see during game sessions.  Thanks in advance for any guidance
    • By Oreos420
      I am quite familiar with using fatxplorer for xbox 360. But i cant seem to get the og xbox partitions to show up in fatxplorer.
    • By solarriors

      I'm certain I saw an OGXbox Discord server, but I couldn't find any link with Google or the forums internal search either.
      Can I have an invite please ?


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