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    • By jhark
      Will this work? or is the 50/60hz going to still be an issue?
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    • By ttsgeb
      Decided I would tear down my dev kit because there was a rattling noise inside of it and I wanted to see its guts.  The rattling turned out to be the GPU fan, and I decided I should film its guts for everyone to see.  Now if you don't have one, or don't want to open the one you've got, you can see inside, too!  Pictures will come if I ever get a decent camera.

      If anyone has a Raptor card I can pair with it, please send me a PM.  I don't actually know anything about developing games for the xbox, but I'd like to have a full kit in case I ever do start developing.  I also might be willing to sell this to someone that wants to use it for its intended purpose.  It's pretty worthless as a collectors item because it has no code on it, has a prominent cosmetic defect, and has been opened.
    • By Samuel
      I am currently getting red and green flickering artifacts on my screen with all games with my Xbox. Not sure what the problem is. I have tried multiple different AV cables, televisions, and games thinking thinking that might have been the problem. But, it seems there is some major graphical error wrong with my Xbox, and googling the problem has not been easy. Does anyone know if there is a fix

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