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Found 163 results

  1. Hello is it actually easy from a softmod to a tsop ? What do you need all that for?
  2. Hi all, hello everybody from lo Sceriffo, writing from Italy. After more than 15 years wanting an Xbox finally I decided to pull the trigger and bought recently 2 OG Xboxes (a little bit later, I know). Been lurking for a while, now I'm registered. Have a nice day to you all, Lo Sceriffo
  3. hey im LinkIsNotZelda real name is chris im from the uk . I've been out of the xbox modding scene for 10 plus years after my reluctant sale of my 2002 black xbox ( what a sad day that was ) .i noticed a lot has changed over those years so ive got a lot of catching up to do . my new og xbox is a 2004 1.6 crystal xbox which is bone stock at the moment but getting me an xblast/Aladdin chip with the lpc board sent to me from the states
  4. Hello Xbox Modders, I was a heavy Xbox Customizer back in the day. dealt with just about every scenario, eject button, power button hacks re aligning the dvd drive lasers, hard drive installs, also did painting of the boxes. happy to help if I can!
  5. Hello friends. Thank you for letting me be part of the community. I am the owner of the xboxneverdie Forum. I like a big fan of the console and I really like to share my knowledge that I acquired over the years with him.
  6. Hi ! Just want to introduce myself... 53 years old, Swedish, grew up with a lot of different consoles, have PS3, Xbox360, Xbox One and OG Xbox which is still my favourite... Play games on the PC as well besides working... Have a nice one...
  7. Happy Carnival guys and gals! I am sending greetings from the land of Carnival! Been looking for a site such as this because of my love of the Xbox and I want to prolong my Xbox by modding it and I think this is the site for me! Cheers and don’t forget to drink some beers!
  8. Hi my name is Ryan and I had accidentally erased the e partition on a rocky5 softmod 1.6 I recently did hardmod with alladin xt plus2 and I get the evo x sign on startup but then black screen I need to post in here so I can get the hexen download and fix what is wrong hopefully I know I need a dvd-r and the download but am unsure on how to go about disc creation Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  9. i'm a dutch x-box-o-holic.. Still struggling with a lot of stuf on my hard-modded xbox, and i became member of this forum because it has a LOT of interesting info and helpfull topics. thank's for accepting me, and i wish you all the best ! Greetings from the netherlands
  10. Hi everyone, I just dug out my old Xbox and going to have a mess with it looks a very interesting forum.
  11. Hello everyone, I recently received two broken Xbox and was able to build a working console from both. And now I'm here and working on modding of my Xbox
  12. Im try to soft mod old xbox v1.6
  13. Hi Everybody. I bricked my first Xbox trying to softmod it so I got another one from my buddy. I don't want to mess it up this time. I know this is a hardmodding centric board. I'd appreciate any advice for not repeating my mistake. I have the file for the first xbox backed up. I was thinking it might be possible to recover the first box.
  14. New guy here. Looking to get back into playing around with my original xboxes...
  15. Hello everyone, I have been doing my xvgm xbox for over a year, but I didn't have all the previews, I see that I can also add homebrews as final fight, otherwise as I encountered problems on the google drive of cb game or some preview had a pbl of sound format which prevent from reading on the console correctly, I took the preview videos on youtube converted to mp4 to wmv to xmv, I had to remember :-).
  16. hello from sweden
  17. The first Xbox I ever had was a used Xbox that I had got from a pawn shop back in 2005, it was a v1.6 Xbox, and from what I remember I softmoded my Xbox that night, and about a week later I put a 100GB 7200RPM hard drive into my Xbox, the month after that I ordered a "X-Changer v2" XBOX mod chip for around $30, and the month after that I put a modified PC DVD into my Xbox it was a "LG GDR-8163B 16X DVD drive" because my Xbox's DVD drive failed. I "think" I was on xbox-scene back in 2005 and 2006, but I cant remember, I know I posted some of the mods that I had made to my Xbox to some online forum, I posted about adding a hard drive LED to my Xbox case, about painting my case and adding custom graphics, adding USB ports to the back of my Xbox and to my controller, but not sure what else. I had a lot of fun hacking my XBox back then, I also remember getting in a "heated" argument about the legality of hacking your own hardware with a Gamestop employee around that time, LOL. Unfortunately around the end of 2008 my Xbox died from a bad capacitor, and at the time I did not believe it could be repaired so it got scraped for parts and most of it went into the trash. A few years ago I found a v1.0 Xbox at a fle-market cheap so I bought, and when I tested it, it worked just fine, so I put it into storage and forgot about it, around December of last year I found a forum post about the "Clock Capacitor" killing Xbox systems and I went to check my Xbox, and sure enough the "Clock Capacitor" had leaked all over this v1.0 Xbox, so I removed the "Clock Capacitor" and cleaned everything, thankfully no damage was done. After I had removed the "Clock Capacitor" and cleaned this Xbox I had a lot of fun playing with my "self refurbished" Xbox, and it brought back a lot of good memories, so then I got thinking, and I decided that I wanted a few extra Xbox systems, and some spare parts, so I decided to buy some of the cheap Xbox systems I found, Xbox systems under $30, and it seems they almost all share the same problems, the DVD drives are trash and I keep getting the Thomson TGM600 DVD drives in the Xbox systems I find cheap, lots of dust and sometimes bugs but mostly dust, most are v1.0 systems or maybe that's just my luck, and the power supply sometimes needs the be re-soldered were the cord plugs in - burned areas and scorch marks, sometimes the old hard drives are dead and its kinda hard to TSOP flash without a softmod first so I temporarily put a mod chip into it and then TSOP flash, and last but not least "Clock Capacitor", thankfully I only found one Xbox that the "Clock Capacitor" killed, but I was able to run some jumper wires to bypass the bad traces on that Xbox motherboard and get it running again, and I am delighted by the fact that most Xbox systems seem to be repairable. My only complaint is the lack of cheap DVD drives for the Xbox, I am experimenting with a PC DVD drive in one of my Xbox systems, it's not an ideal setup, but it does work. BTW this is what my first Xbox looked like, and for some reason back then I had put "good luck" in Chinese on my Xbox, LOL
  18. Found this site as I have been away from the scene a couple of years and was looking around for the most updated TSOP mod info and tools.
  19. Hey all! I purchased an OG Xbox ~8 years ago from a PlayNTrade before all of them in my area closed down. I used it a bit at first and built up a small library of games, but then life happened so it sat in boxes with some of my older consoles for a while. I've been getting back into older games/collecting recently so I figured I should set it up and finally mod it. I just completed a softmod using the Rocky5 tool (via Splinter Cell) which was a breeze. The only hold up was that I had to test several old flash drives before I found one that worked. Of course, it was the last one I tried. My main purpose for modding is to create backups of my games for when the disk drive eventually dies, and so that I can play them off the HDD directly. I'm looking to download DVD2Xbox, but I see a message saying I don't have permission to download it. Is there something particular I have to do? Are the files hosted on another site? Thanks, Patrick
  20. Hello to you all. My name is Daniele and I took an xbox first series. I bought it because it has a problem that I think can be solved. Which section of the forum should I go to to tell you what it has? thanks
  21. Hi everyone, I'm from France a I have in my possession 2 Modded OG Xbox: v1.6b Xbox: Bought in 2008, my first love ^^ Hard modded with Xecuter3 80GB HDD but plan to upgrade to 128GB SSD (via IDE to SATA adapter) XBMC as main Dashboard v1.1 Xbox: Bought in 2011 for my lil' brother but got it back in Decembre 2019 Hard modded with Xecuter 2.6CE Recently saved in-extremis from Clock Capacitor desease (see picture in attachments) I left xbox modding on the side in late 2011 for lack of time, but recently regained interest for that so, here I am ! As I live in France, my 2 Xbox are PAL models & I'm looking to buy NTSC model to mod, but I struggle with modchip choice... I really loved Xecuter3 modchip but theses are very rare by these days. So if you have some advices, I'm listening Have a good day (or good night depending on where you are located ^^)
  22. Hey gang, Just trying to dive deeper into OG Xbox modding and whatnot and found this. Cheers!
  23. Hi everybody, I'm new to the Community. Recently I've been watching some original Xbox repair videos on Youtube and now I'm eager to recover mine and use it to run games and emulators. My configuration is quite atypical. I have a version 1.6 board, mounting a v 2.40 Cromwell bios, a 40 gb Maxtor HDD and a Philips J53235C as DVD, equipped with a full Gentoox installation, to run as home server. I assume the machine has been originally modded (maybe TSOPped), but at first glance I'm not able to locate any modchip. I'd like to replace the Cromwell and flash some customized bios, but most of the AIO isos available online are not working for me, as the Cromwell keep searching for a missing bootlinux.cfg file. Where do I start from? Thanks in advance for your support.
  24. Hello noob here trying to get up on some moding after not doing it since high school now in my thirties found an old OG xbox and a old xbox 360 I want to tinker with..

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