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Found 136 results

  1. I haven’t done any modding yet. I’ve got my Xbox on order, it should be in by the end of the week. I am looking forward to getting back into some original Xbox games. I pretty much haven’t touched one since the 360 came out. For now I’m just trying to make 5+ posts so I can download the repair guide! Looking forward to being part of this community. Thanks!
  2. It's nice to see the OG Xbox community is still alive. It's been years since I chipped xboxs, and am really looking forward to start a new project once my new rework station arrives!
  3. First attempt for the xbox mod, both from case pow and hardware, had a 1.6/b so i used aladdin, now i need hexen to add a new hard drive...hope it will work
  4. Hello, I have gotten my hands on a few original xbox's and have hand modded one and installed a 2TB hard rive. Having some problems moving all the original xbox games over via FTP so decided to come here to ask for help but will do so in a post specifically around my issues.
  5. Hi friends, I have a little xbox and I found the site on a Google search. I'm from Brazil and I'm 30 years old, xbox still has many fans here.
  6. Evening all I’m rather late to the party 15years at a wild guess! A simple loft clear out and low and behold my 1.1 from when I was a child came out of its box! No leakage from the clock capacitor which I couldn’t believe!! I have just completed a clock capacitor removal and Tsop all successful just thought I’d pop in and say hi!
  7. Hello to all forums members!
  8. Hello everyone, My name is Thomas I bought a 1.4 Xbox from a thrift store about 2 weeks ago No cables no nothing I managed to find the power cable in a lot of cables I had in my shed But I ended up buying the component cable and a few games I didn't know whether the Xbox would even turn on at this point Luckily for me it did today I did my first Mod. I removed the clock capacitor Tomorrow I will do a softmod using the Rocky 5 method with the MechAssault CD I've already gathered everything and install the Payload to USB Drive just waiting for the USB cable to come in the mail Tomorow September I'm hoping to do a hard drive swap installing a 500gb SSD Looking forward to learning from everyone And thanks for the advice in advance Tom From Toronto
  9. Hey everyone and lovely greetings from Germany! As an old nerd I started to collect some older consoles to have a gaming hall like many other people out there. I bought my first Xbox 5 years ago and only swapped out the harddisk But after having it for a couple of years in my basement I thought it would be nice to bring it back to life again. So here I am and I got some noob questions . But I'm really happy to found this forum So lets chat and discuss
  10. Hello everyone, I just got my first og xbox
  11. Hi, A little bit about me, I'm what id describe as a mid 40s tinkerer, I like to understand and fix broken things, I've had an infinity with the xbox for many years, was a mod/ product tester on xecuter forums for many years, until my twins were born and my priorities changed. I have slowly gotten back into retro consoles and computers again and have gotten stuck on a 1.6 board that seems completely dead. I'm hoping with your advice i can get it going again. I struggle with my dyslexia, so please don't be the grammar or word police Thanks Ted
  12. hey everyone, just a 25year old reliving some good memories, with a softmodded xbox
  13. Hello there, I own an OG xbox since 2003. It seems to be a v1.1 according to the manufacturing date. It was stored well and after getting it out recently, it was all in good shape and running. It was modded back in the days and got a chip, I have never seen it and no Idea which one it is, and a 120 GB IDE HDD. So to keep my first XBOX alive I decided to buy another one cheap and mod it myself. As far as I can tell it is a v1.5. It became an Aladdin XT Plus2 last week and runs fine afterwards. Now I am trying to figure out, what the next steps might be, so I came back to the forums. Looking forward to do interesting discussions and get hints and help. Greetings, Alex
  14. would you like fries with that?
  15. Hello guys, I am from south america, I live near the end of the world! And it is my first time with an XBOX (sounds a bit gay). Thing is, I am suffering with my new original Xbox. It came with two controllers, but, both are completely dead, I opened them, and they are unfixable. No screws on the console, I bought them all, hard drive was not working, I bought a new IDE cable, now is working. The DVD drive was not opening, I fixed it with a needle. AND the only problem I have left with no solution is the power supply, it is 110v, 1.6b, made in 2005. I need a 220v! It has been quite a headache, I got myself a power down convertor, it works, but it sounds like a nuclear plant! "Not good" (Trump voice) So dear guys if you have any deals, or any seller of 220v PSU for the Xbox, be sure to let me know! My most thankful cheers to you all! Cannot wait to play Halo 2 online using Xlink kai with all of you My Sony Wega is ready hehehhhe
  16. hello all new to all xbox stuff so here i am ......lost
  17. Have modified a few different consoles before, but just started working on an 1.0 Xbox. Would have done it sooner if I knew how powerful this thing is!
  18. Hi folks! I just bought a second Xbox to fiddle with it. It has a 250g HDD and the Boot Up says a Xecuter 2 Modchip. I am trying to learn as much as possible about all of this and so i landed here. Can someone tell me why i cant Download any of the files? What do i have to do?
  19. Just saying hello.
  20. Hey all. Currently living about 20 minutes away from central London. Found this website when I just searched replacement original Xbox drive lol. used to be quite noobish but a avid modder back when softmodding was at its infancy (I had nights in college around 2005 playing SNES:bomberman every night on my Xbox) so wanna get back into, I’m sorry in advance for everything haha
  21. hey guys, just got reccomended to this forum from reddit's /r/xbox greetings from seattle!
  22. Hi I'm Darren. Totally new to the ogxbox modding scene so bear with me if i ask daft questions lol
  23. Hi, got me an OG xbox some months ago but I havent got the time to get it running. I know its already modded with a chip but thats it. I will probably read around the forums and try to get the information that I need before I ask anything. Thank you for this forum, regards, David
  24. Hello everyone, I'm new here, so of course have questions. I recently installed an aladdinxt to a 1.6 console with a 2tb sdd upgrade. My question is, is there a way to retrieve my saved data from my old 1.0 console? I know you can transfer a lot of things normally, but some stuff doesn't give you an option to copy. My 1.0 box is not modded. I also have some dlc from the old xbox live on there, that I'd like to retrieve, but have no idea how. thanks everyone for your feedback.

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