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Found 198 results

  1. After years of collecting dust, I'm finally getting my 5 Xbox's out to fix and mod. Starting with replacing the bad capacitors, modding one to hold all of the Xbox games, and then who knows from there. Really just want to get rid of all of my physical copies of games as they are taking up space and I've given up on collecting. Thanks for having me!
  2. Hi all, just wanted to start a thread regarding my Crystal Xbox Original as its modded with Evox chip and only loads the Evox boot when the chip is enabled and I also press the LED pins with my finger (very odd, no?) I've included an image to show what I mean. The chipped Evox works in this case but wondered if there's anmything I should do? I'm also considering selling it once working. Thanks and cheers for the advice. GamerID80 - Also on the Facebook group.
  3. Just chiming in to say hello. new to the xbox modding scene, though I have a long history of modding nintendo consoles. Anyway happy to be here and hope I can make a decent contribution to the community.
  4. Hello there My name is Chris I'm from Poland
  5. Firs time on this site, but I've been modding consoles for over 20 years. I still have my original Xbox with that I worked on back in 2001 or so.
  6. Hello all, just wanted to say this site is amazing. I am just getting into modding consoles and everything I searched led me here so here I am lol. My first mod will be the open xenium chip which, I am awaiting delivery, and replacing failing capacitors on a Halo edition green 1.6 xbox. I have been tinkering and fixing things all my life and had heard of modding consoles, I have just never really tried to do any of it. After deciding to breath new life into my wife's childhood console, the more I dug the more I found you could do to this thing. She doesn't really like modern gaming titles so I want to load this thig up with emulators so she can enjoy gaming as much as I do. If anyone has any suggestions or would like to give advice I will definitely welcome it all. Also if someone could point me in the direction of the site rules and specified posts needed for using all features of the site that would be great. Thank you for the wealth of knowledge, I hope to become a regular here.
  7. Hey, Been lurking for a while and decided to get myself two crystal xboxes for 100€. Both are 1.6 and one of them is in almost pristine condition while the other one isn't. Been cleaning them for a couple days now. Is there a way to get the yellowish tint off the clear plastic? IPA has helped but doesn't fully do the job. Excited to be a part of this community
  8. Hi all! Long time amateur modder with my first softmod back in '08 and finally after installing my first modchip in '20, the tweak obsession has continued! So glad this community is still thriving and can't wait to discover what other fun ways to keep hobby growing.
  9. Hi to everyone, i have lotta love for the og xbox hope to find new things on here thanks
  10. Hi everyone! I'm a long time XBox user/collector/modder from Vienna who, after a little hiatus of a year or two, recently (hehe, yesterday) found out that Assemblergames isn't there any more ... xbox-scene seems gone, too ... bummer. It's good to see that there still is an XBox community - so, hello! Maybe I can contribute a thing or two. Let's see.
  11. Hello OGX Users, i am am an old Xbox Classic User. I am from Germany, i have a passion for Xbox gaming and Software modding. I play around with some Raspberrys and Betocera, Nintendo Switch and Retroarch. These days i found a Post with Rocky5`s Emustation and the Xbox Fever is back Hope to have good Days in this Forum.
  12. Hi, I was just given a couple of hardmodded xbox's by a family member. Looking at what to do with them as I haven't owned an xbox in 15 years. Stumbled across this site which looks like a great resource. It's only been a day but I have already opened one box up (build September 2002), removed the clock capacitor (which has already leaked and damaged the power button and eject trace), and replaced the thermal compund. I'm here to learn so I will get back to it. Thanks to all the contributors.
  13. I'm knew here, looking to download some files any tips or info on how this works? I dont see download links. Thanks
  14. Hey everybody! Here I am, taking my first steps into the fascinating world of OG Xbox, and this place seems awesome. Hope everybody is well! Saluts!
  15. Seriously why do we need to make three posts before using download links? And they don't tell you anywhere
  16. Hi all, I'm new to all this and would love to learn. I just bought an xbox and a modchip. Now I need to figure out what I'm doing.
  17. Hello to everyone on the forums. Still somewhat new to the Xbox modding scene as I only started modding my consoles two years ago but I looking forwarding to learning more about modding the OG Xbox.
  18. Found this beauty of a xbox site trough Google. was searching for updates on HeXEn, and found this site. I have 4 or 5 classic xboxes that I want to give a second chance. they are there for 2 years now, the crystal from day one it came out. I restore them clean them install chips, and then the dashboards and coins systems. Hope to learn a thing or 2 here!
  19. Hi there, a couple of days ago I unpacked my XBOX Classic (waiting in a box scince my last move 5 years ago and purchased in 2004 with 128MB Ram and a smartXX 2.0 Modchip) and it brings back a lot of good memories. But it seems that I have forgotten quite everything - so hopefully I will learn the old and the new stuff about this great console. Greetings from Germany
  20. Back into moding xbox again found an old one outdoors in a trash pile. Just checking to see whats new from 2015
  21. Hello everyone. I’ve been scouring the forums for weeks now and have decided to make an account to ask questions and hopefully answer some as well. Looking forward to having a nice interaction with you all!
  22. I recently pick my first Xbox. When I was younger I kind stopped playing games and the PS1 was the last system I owned till the 360 came out then I got back into gaming. I completely missed out on the Xbox and all the great games it has. I have picked up about 30 games so far. I’m excited to join here and looking to grow my collection of games.
  23. Hello and I am so glad to see the the original xbox is still alive,
  24. Hey everyone. I have a couple Xbox consoles and I am hoping to kick start modding and learning to write code through it. I been trying to find a way to learn how to do these things and since I have noticed that hard and soft modding the Xbox consoles seems to be a very versatile thing maybe I can get something out of this. I am glad people are doing this even today. I was hoping that this wasn't going to be another one of those things I want to get into way too late. Glad to be here!

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