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Found 177 results

  1. Hello everyone. I’ve been scouring the forums for weeks now and have decided to make an account to ask questions and hopefully answer some as well. Looking forward to having a nice interaction with you all!
  2. I recently pick my first Xbox. When I was younger I kind stopped playing games and the PS1 was the last system I owned till the 360 came out then I got back into gaming. I completely missed out on the Xbox and all the great games it has. I have picked up about 30 games so far. I’m excited to join here and looking to grow my collection of games.
  3. Hello and I am so glad to see the the original xbox is still alive,
  4. Hey everyone. I have a couple Xbox consoles and I am hoping to kick start modding and learning to write code through it. I been trying to find a way to learn how to do these things and since I have noticed that hard and soft modding the Xbox consoles seems to be a very versatile thing maybe I can get something out of this. I am glad people are doing this even today. I was hoping that this wasn't going to be another one of those things I want to get into way too late. Glad to be here!
  5. how is everyone? I just stumbled upon this forum, I was really hoping one still existed. i am very new to all this. i don't own an Xbox but i plan to soon. just really broke right now but i cant wait to get started and really getting involved here at OGXbox.
  6. Been dusting down my old next gen consoles and found this place while browsing ... all looks good
  7. I recently unpacked my v1.6 original Xbox and have had a blast modding it and checking out the homebrew apps!
  8. Just got an og xbox to complete my collection! Really excited to learn how to use it in its full potential
  9. Glad I found this great forum
  10. My broken console got me here as well as my love for retro games. I look forward to possibly getting to know some new folks and learning new things. Cheers!
  11. A new member here. Dusting off an old xbox to play some classics with my kids.
  12. I`ve recently dug my og xbox out of the attic, dusted it down and softmodded it with ease with rocky5. decided to upgrade the hard drive .... so dug out my old $ky HD box ripped the 500gb hdd out of it added a ide to sata hot swapped it....it formatted and LOCKED....:) now in the process of using xbmc emustation.. emulators and roms,,, so far so good
  13. I'm sure not many read these intro posts, but I'm genuinely happy to have found a new nexus for all things OG Xbox! I used to frequent the Afterdawn forums back in the day, the moved on to the various "ISO" sites. I think I softmodded my OG back in like '06, and I've been in love with it ever since. Excited to be plugged into a community of Xbox enthusiasts once again.
  14. I just dug my xbox out and I'm ready to do some modifcation. Happy Happy Joy Joy.
  15. Hello is it actually easy from a softmod to a tsop ? What do you need all that for?
  16. Hi all, hello everybody from lo Sceriffo, writing from Italy. After more than 15 years wanting an Xbox finally I decided to pull the trigger and bought recently 2 OG Xboxes (a little bit later, I know). Been lurking for a while, now I'm registered. Have a nice day to you all, Lo Sceriffo
  17. hey im LinkIsNotZelda real name is chris im from the uk . I've been out of the xbox modding scene for 10 plus years after my reluctant sale of my 2002 black xbox ( what a sad day that was ) .i noticed a lot has changed over those years so ive got a lot of catching up to do . my new og xbox is a 2004 1.6 crystal xbox which is bone stock at the moment but getting me an xblast/Aladdin chip with the lpc board sent to me from the states
  18. Hello Xbox Modders, I was a heavy Xbox Customizer back in the day. dealt with just about every scenario, eject button, power button hacks re aligning the dvd drive lasers, hard drive installs, also did painting of the boxes. happy to help if I can!
  19. Hello friends. Thank you for letting me be part of the community. I am the owner of the xboxneverdie Forum. I like a big fan of the console and I really like to share my knowledge that I acquired over the years with him.
  20. Hi ! Just want to introduce myself... 53 years old, Swedish, grew up with a lot of different consoles, have PS3, Xbox360, Xbox One and OG Xbox which is still my favourite... Play games on the PC as well besides working... Have a nice one...
  21. Happy Carnival guys and gals! I am sending greetings from the land of Carnival! Been looking for a site such as this because of my love of the Xbox and I want to prolong my Xbox by modding it and I think this is the site for me! Cheers and don’t forget to drink some beers!
  22. Hi my name is Ryan and I had accidentally erased the e partition on a rocky5 softmod 1.6 I recently did hardmod with alladin xt plus2 and I get the evo x sign on startup but then black screen I need to post in here so I can get the hexen download and fix what is wrong hopefully I know I need a dvd-r and the download but am unsure on how to go about disc creation Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  23. i'm a dutch x-box-o-holic.. Still struggling with a lot of stuf on my hard-modded xbox, and i became member of this forum because it has a LOT of interesting info and helpfull topics. thank's for accepting me, and i wish you all the best ! Greetings from the netherlands
  24. Hi everyone, I just dug out my old Xbox and going to have a mess with it looks a very interesting forum.
  25. Hello everyone, I recently received two broken Xbox and was able to build a working console from both. And now I'm here and working on modding of my Xbox

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