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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, I have a 1.3 xbox, with an Xecuter3 CE installed solderless. I was flashing via FTP, and was able to flash successfully, BUT, I am an idiot and flashed over bank 1 of the 256mb bios so I think I overwrote the x3 default bios. My issue is that my chip does not have the power control board installed, so I cannot use the power+eject button trick to get to the bios recovery screen. Some hopefully helpful pieces of information: 1. After I flashed the cerbios in bank 1 of 256, I was able to reboot to dash from the x3 menu. The cerbios animation displayed, and my evox dash booted with no issue. I then powered off. When I hit power again, it started fragging 2. I did not copy the cerbios.ini to the root of the C drive, which may be part of the issue I am facing, as it does not know to point to the evoxdash 3. When I boot with bank 1 of the 256k bios, the console still frags immediately 4. I also installed a different bios Evox8 in bank 5 of the 256, but I cannot get it to boot from that bios (on, off, on, on for the switch positions). Just constant fragging 5. When I boot with the banks that I have flashed bios to (1 and 5 256) the first boot takes a second before failing, while any other bank setting is nearly instant. I was wondering if I have any options to get to a safe mode where I can flash the bios without the power control board? Any disk drive options, or switch settings I could use I would happily buy that piece for the chip but it is basically unobtanium at this point as I am sure most people on this sub are aware. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have a xecuter3 xbox with the faceplate, and it won't register player 4. If I plug in a controller in port 4, it'll light up but no controls. I went ahead and plugged the controller ports directly to the motherboard and it fixed my problem. It has to do with the usb ports mod built in the xecuter3 faceplate. What could the issue be? Ill provide pics
  3. I'm trying to revive by Xbox original 1.2 (I believe this is the version) which haven't been in use for the last 15 years. I thought I would show my son the games I used to play. The console is hardware moded with an Xecuter3 and have a custom front panel with BIOS push buttons and display. The Machine seems to start up fine but after the "Xecuter Rox My Box" splash screen the "T3CH" splash screen is shown and nothing happens after that. When bypassing the Xecuter chip it's boots into the original Xbox menu without problem. Thought it could be the HDD, but it is detected together with thd DVD drive. Also I can see the save games stored on the HDD and the activity LED on the front panel is blinking. When changing the BIOS banks on the front panel I see that the behaviour changes. The banks with BIOS starts up until it hits the T3CH splash screen, the banks without generates a blinking power button and boot loop. So the chip seems to be alive and work as expected until that splash screen. Happy for any tips for further troubleshooting. Would be very nice to be able to play the old games with my son during Christmas.
  4. Ok, I'm going out of my mind here, and I hope I can get some help, and a direction. I will try to provide as much info as possible. Xbox Hardware: 1.6 Mod Chip: xecuter 3 ce Bios: (tried multiple with same outcome) Currently one made with EVTool HDD: Western Digital Blue 3TB SATA w/ Startech SATA converter & 80 wire 40 pin IDE cable So here is the problem. I have re-formatted the drive and partitioned it multiple times using different tools off of the "OGXBox Installer 2021 - v1.5.4" Disk. I have use multiple Bios and with success have see the F drive in OGXBox Installer, and XBMC4G as a 2TB usable space. After I transfer my games to the drive, I can only see 256 out of over 800 games. The other games come up as gibberish and can't access them (please see attached photos). Even when I look in the file explorer in XBMC4G I can only see 256 games. If I FTP to the drive, I see all the games. I'm completely out of ideas why I would get this problem multiple times. Please help Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello everybody, i got a Xbox 1.1 with Xecuter3 chip installed (soldered, purple one) here. It comes with a power and a component cable. The compontent cable was made by myself (3rd party plug + og sd-av cable) and does not show any noise (no ghosting or etc., refer to pictures). In addition the package includes a Duke controller and a controller s. Everything is in very good shape and works perfectly, only the Duke's cable insulation got a little bit loose that does not affect the the functionality in any way. I did also some refurbishment: - Clock capacitor was removed - mobo's top side was cleaned with spirit (94% alc.) - fresh thermal paste was applied on cpu and gpu - the jammed Samsung DVD-drive was replaced with a Philips DVD-drive. - installed a Samsung 400gb HDD (HD400LD, IDE) with coinops 8 massive and 80+ xbox games pre-installed (total of over 4000 games) This package costs 450 € + shipping fee (via PayPal, shipping from Germany, EU only). Feel free to ask me any question. Best regards elmemo
  6. Hi, I've managed to swap out the 200GB hard drive on an old Xecuter3 modded Xbox and I've got it to boot to UnleashX, but I'm not sure about the formatting of F: and G. I've tried both setting it to around 927GB for each partition and also tried F 120GB G 1734GB but I seem to remember there are some issues with hard drive sizes and partitions. How should I be setting it up to avoid any data loss as I load up games and apps? Thanks for any help.
  7. Hello hi I'm looking to buy a 4 by 20 executor 3 LCD screen just the screen and bezel only. I have the chip already installed in my main go to Xbox and is running excellent. I'm just looking for a working screen that is known working .. with the connection that will connect directly into the chip without soldering. I am well aware that the screens are a little difficult to get your hards on... but I did find some on eBay they just did not have the specific end that plugs into the mod chip. If all else fails I will have to buy one of these and solder them directly to the chip. But by doing that I am seriously lowering the value of the chip in the future. I would like to purchase or trade for this X3 lcd screen with bezel and connection to the original X3 chip.. If you have an extra screen and you would like it to go to a good home I'm your guy. I live in Canada I am PayPal ready and I also have a lot of cool stuff for trade Xbox related.. Please contact me through this site. and we can discuss where we are going from here.. Thank you very much for reading this I hope somebody has this part for me. Attached is a picture of the Xbox I would love to add the screen to.. Thanks again Frank

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