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Found 5 results

  1. Hi First of all: I'm completely new to OG Xbox modding. I have three boxes (and hopefully a fourth on the way soon): The first one: My original Xbox I bought way back. Last time I used it, it worked... but that was before my oldest child (now 16) was born! It is dated 2002-04-04 which according to https://consolemods.org/wiki/Xbox:Versions makes it a version 1.0. Opening it also reveals a fan on the gpu and the controller daughterboard. The clock capacitor luckily looks in pretty good condition. No leakage. The second one: This one I got second hand sometime around 2006. That was the time I got a second Steel Battalion set with LoC. Since I don't have any friends the only way I could enjoy multiplayer was by having a second set myself... This one is dated 2003-07-27 which makes it a version 1.4. Or maybe a version 1.3 if I use the YWW from the serial number ("5197553 33005"). I also opened this one and found the clock capacitor in good shape What's important about these two Xboxes is that they are completely vanilla. I have made no modifications to them at all. Other than piercing the stickers to be able to open the cases for what I am describing in this post. The reason I have kept them this way for so long is due to the Tekki unlock code Capcom released in 2005. Both consoles have it. The third one: I actually got this a while back because I wanted to build a dev kit. I never got around to it. Probably because I found out that it's a version 1.6b and so didn't have pads for the extra 64MB RAM. This one was modded when I got it. I can only believe that it's softmodded because there is no trace of extra chips or wires anywhere. It has UnleashX installed. Ok. So what I want to do now: 1. Remove the clock caps from the two old Xboxes. I believe I can just do that without any consequences (other than the clock requesting to be set every time I turn them on) even when the consoles or unmodded, correct? 2. With the caps out of the way I want to turn them on to check them. Or should I do that before removing the caps? The things I have read about the caps have made me a little weary of turning them on beforehand. 3. Backup all the HDDs to preserve them. This step is what worries me the most. Can it be done without modifying the first two boxes? If I have to modify them, what alterations will be made to the HDDs? I want to preserve them as pristine as possible. But also only if it's meaningful. If I can make a clone without modifying the boxes but the drive image is useles then I of course don't want to do it. What would you suggest I do here? 4. Whether or not I need to mod them to backup the HDDs I want to mod them anyway. It seems to be the only way to make sure the consoles remain usable in the future. My initial plan is to softmod them with Splinter Cell. (The third one is modded so no need to) 5. Replace all the HDDs with newer ones. Preferably SSDs. I have too many 120GB ones lying around. And then storing the original HDDs. The HDD in the third one seems to be the original so whoever modded it didn't replace the HDD. Anything I should be aware of? Something I am missing/overlooking? Especially with regards to step 3. When looking at the softmodding guide I see steps about nulling the HDD keys. It says "optional" so given that I want to preserve the disks as original as possible is this something I should think about?
  2. Hi I have an issue with another xbox of mine. when I want to save changes in xblast it only shows the background and does not reboot, but changing in the menu does work/ fan speed does change exepte it does not wanna keep it. I testet 3 chips and all have the same issue. this Xbox had a leaked clock cap and two traces where rotten but everything else works fine. example: Gruß Hero
  3. Hi all, I bought a "broken: for parts" Xbox. It was in good shape externally and when I opened it, it was a 1.1 and all five power caps were leaking. It did, however, have this X2.2 Pro modchip installed. I figured the problem was just the five leaking caps, so I replaced those with equivalents and assumed I had the problem solved. When I turned it on, I discovered it wouldn't move beyond the "Xecuter config live loading" screen. When I tried turning the chip off via the bank switch, the system would boot as far as the flubber animation before showing error 06. Long story short, I'm pretty sure the mobo is a write-off (clock cap was removed but I'm seeing a lot of old leak damage), so I pulled the chip off in hopes of installing it on a replacement motherboard. I'm not super familiar with Xecuter chips...is this chip salvageable? Do I have enough here to do a pin header install? I have a spare pin header, so that's not a problem. Based on my research, I know there was a second smaller cable that included the ground and D0 wires for that purpose, but I don't have it. (Of note, as you'll see, the bank switch is missing the blue dip switch cover, so I'd be ok doing a full 1mb BIOS flash and not using the switch bank.) Thank you in advance!
  4. Hi, I have managed to load games directly from ISO files without a problem, but today I played Futurama and it doesn't save. I then extracted the ISO and I can save the game and options without problem. I still like to make this work from running it directly from the ISO. Is there anybody who has encounters this and an idea how to fix this? I have used the "XISO to HDD Installer" to create the default.xbe but I wonder if this is a certificate issue of some kind.
  5. I'm trying to set my system start up in 720p. If I go to the MS dashboard from UnleashX menu, change the settings, do a soft reboot UnleashX will come back up in the display settings I've set. If I power off the system and power back on these settings don't save. The only settings that do stick are what I set in the UnleashX dashboard settings. The MS Dashboard reverts back. Any suggestions? Not sure if relevant but: -Using a Pound Technologies HDMI cable -Softmodded xbox using rocky5 migration to sata and upgraded ide cables -Just removed my clock capacitor.

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