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Found 6 results

  1. Is the cpld supposed to get hot to the point you can burn yourself I don't feel temperature but my finger tips almost went numb touching it which ever happens with my other Xenium
  2. I took apart the Xbox 360 my uncle modded in around 2010 because the GPU temperature was always over 75C* and I saw hot glue under the GPU die. It was like that since I had it and I thought it was normal until I realized how hot that really is. The GPU heat sink literally oxidized because it was running so hot for a decade. I hate hot glue!!! What is it with amateur console modders and hot glue? Please don't put hot glue in your console and especially don't use it as thermal paste. This is why I don't want to work on or to buy a previously modded system. My uncle isn't stupid but that was the dumbest thing I have ever saw. I don't think it was on purpose because the old thermal paste was still on and the X clamps where not tampered with. No clue how it got there though. I would have showed off the GPU die but it didn't look much different except for clear yellow bits around the die. It really felt like rubbery hot glue when peeling it off. The CPU die was untampered with completely and ran 20 degrees cooler than the GPU too. The console was also filled with dust because of this issue. The fan speed always idled at 100% and sometimes crashed because of the heat. I now have proof that heat isn't the issue with red ring of death consoles because the console was a Jasper with the favored updated GPU die and it should have cooked itself by now if the GPU die was heating up more than a untampered console and it was used for more than 10 years. Now I replaced the hot glue thermal paste with actual thermal paste and now the idle fan speed is so low I can't hear it. It also idles under 50C* so now so I can enjoy the console without the console shutting off because it going over 80C. Worst part is that the Xbox 360 had genuine Xecuter boards and had a genuine Coolrunner chip too and there was hot glue everywhere around it.
  3. I've been trying to repair my Xbox this week after accidentally blowing the 110V PSU on 220V . I've got to make it work with a PC 200W ATX PSU yesterday, but this morning, it started to FRAG. I noted that the 3.3V line has gone down to about 2.85V when the PSU is connected to the motherboard and the PSU turn off after a minute or so. I'm pretty sure that there is a short somewhere in the 3.3V line. I noticed that the Nvidia MCXP3 chip is getting very hot when the PSU is connected, I want to know if this is common, because if not, I suspect that the short maybe inside the chip, which will mean that it is dead
  4. I'm thinking of cleaning the inside of my xbox but i wonder if it is save to take the sink off and if yes do i just rip it off bby force or do i need something that shoots direct heat onto it in order to get it off.
  5. my question is can you boot a softmodded xbox with the locked drive then run a hexen disc to build another drive
  6. Long story sort. I ordered a replacement 1.6 main board with its matching HDD off of ebay to replace a dead 1 I had. All went well until it was time to softmod. When I try to copy an audio track to the HDD it says "Unable to create new soundtrack. You have reached the maximum 100 soundtracks" I don't see any saved sound track so I don't see how I am over any limits. Is there any way around this? Any other way of hot swap unlocking the HDD. I have only used the hot swap method in the past and don't have any of the games with the exploits like 007 or Splinter Cell and I also don't have a xbox to USB adapter so at this time hot swapping is my only option. thanks

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