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About Me

  1. Just joined. I modded my first xbox around 2004, I'm fairly sure it was an xecutor or an xecutor clone. It fell into disuse for years when TVs stopped actually having any input sockets, but recently I got hold of a Pound HDlink and resurrected it, although it has developed a fault that I'll research on here later. Meantime I was given my nephews old v 1.0 xbox that seems to have a dead hard drive, I'll have a go at resurrecting it with an Aladdin. Thanks for letting me in, I'm sure I will have the odd question or two later.
  2. Hi everyone, I fell in love with the Xbox the moment I unwrapped it Christmas morning in 2003. Its been almost 20 years now and I've got the itch to go back and play some of the old favorites. I currently have a mystery 20$ Ebay special sitting on my table. I can't wait to crack into it and discover what is wrong with it. I'm sure I'll have many questions and appreciate any advice you all have.
  3. Hello there, I'm Jenko, I go by J3nk0J1 on XBL and other platforms. I recently got my hands on a v1.4 Original Xbox and dove right back into modding. My first experience modding was a original xbox as a teenager, nothing like a hotswap. Looking forward to contributing to discussions and sharing where I can.
  4. Hi, I just wanted to present myself. I currently have 5 OGXBOX, 1 which is DEAD (broken motherboard), 1 softmodded, 1 chipped, and 2 TSOPed. Currently trying to standarize all my Xboxes so its easier for me to swap, recover, and install stuff. Thanks for the forum, I'll post some questions later.
  5. Hello, new member on this forum for a day, Xbox original French Fan for a long time, i'm was looking for help try to resurect one of my xbox, and thanks to this forum i did it, reading a lot of ya Thread help me to win my 3 days battle against that console. thanks to all the members . i've subscribe right after, because you are a source of treasure for this console now it's time to feed the beast . cheers all
  6. Picked up a fairly nice, 1.0 or 1.1 xbox off ebay. Took out clock capacitor, upgraded to 1TB HDD. Honestly really considering hard modding so I can unlock the HDD and put it onto USB for transfer, the FTP is painfully slow with all the many small files from game transfers.
  7. Realized a while ago the Xbox is x86 based and figured it would be interesting to reveres engineer it and learn about how the hardware works. I'm looking at creating my own entry point from scratch, whenever I find a console for a reasonable price. I also used to be able to micro solder almost a decade ago, dunno if my hands are still as good. So I could technically write code for what people call a mod chip, if I found a board diagram mostly that would be a key point in prospering as that's going to be hell if I have to document all of the board on my own lol!!!!!! On my bucket list is: * My own entry point * Full optimization of the chipsets. Cpu, Gpu etc * Looking at a potential bare minimum linux build to handle wine mostly to be able to program in linux or windows at that point. That's really about it. I'll probably end up sandboxing xbox software from existence practically, if the hdd is installed I would assume if that works. I'm hoping to inspect the hard drive file system and how the system handles reading the drive and see if I can create a entry point there instead. Initiate everything on run time to take over the console. Probably create a backup of the disc image for upload. I won't know until I get my hands on a console. But attacking how the hdd gets handled might help unlock the whole hdd locked ordeal I've been told of. As for linux and wine I'm hoping depending on how I have to write this someone will fork my work, I plan to export everything to the point a scripting language could register my cpu function optimizations and what not. Handle it a easy way or something. Should be a mater of someone grabbing the disk image and start programming in something much easier like C or something. I have a lot to learn I'm sure!!
  8. Hello at all guy. I am from italy.I have 3 xbox classic and like videogame general. Thanks
  9. Hi I found this forum by accident but it seems fairly active which is cool. This is the first og Xbox related site I found. I like to chip Xboxes occasionally and sell them. Don't know if that's of interest here. I also look forward to just chatting in general with people here on the forum.
  10. hi im from france and i have an og xbox 1.4 fully recaped with the xboxhd+ and the openxenium chip and 2tb hdd installed. i just want to pick some news here and others goods see you
  11. Just started to collect these consoles have a few some with mods some og looking forward to chats and reading up on fixes and how to's
  12. Hi everyone I am an Italian and I am a fan of mods and consoles
  13. Hi all, New member from the Netherlands. Recently booted up my modded 1.6 XBOX after more then a decade of it catching dust in the attic. Only problem I encountered was a stuck DVD drive which just needed a bit of persuasion to get working again (would not open or close). Surprisingly all my burned discs still worked after, burned them 16 years ago. My plan is to bring the xbox into the new decade with a new SSD, Fan and OGX360. For the first 2 the parts are already ordered and I plan to upgrade it this weekend. I'm still looking for a OGX360 so any tips are welcome. Coldasijs
  14. I build a retrogaming setup, and I’m going to add the first Xbox. So, I have some questions about this console
  15. Hi, my name's Dean and I'm from the UK. The OG xbox was the first console I ever owned (second if you count my gameboy) but it stopped working over recent years. I'm more a mechanical guy by nature so I'm pretty green when it comes to this stuff, but hey what better way to learn than to try fixing my first console. Even more so now I've learned how awesome they can be modded. Anyway people here seem pretty cool, doubt I'll have much to offer to start with but I'll help out where I can.
  16. My name is Sam. I am from the UK. .... Okay, perhaps I shouldn't be so straight-to-the-point. I am someone who tinkers with old electronics. Over the last few years I've been teaching myself to solder by getting hold of cheap playstations and chipping them, from the oldest to the newest. Reason being, the solder points get tinier and more difficult to do as technology progresses. Around 2011 I got into Xbox modifications, and have seen good websites come and go with a wealth of information come and go (sad face). I am glad to see this website emerge from the dust to continue the trend. Now, onto my collection: I have a number of Xboxes. Most of them are broken, some of them work. Mainly because I have attempted RAM upgrades and failed. I also own a Trusty 1.4GHZ box (and had to go to quite a lot of trouble to get the thing to cool sufficiently to get any stable activity out of it!) I purchased this three years ago via Trusty on XBMC4XBOX's forum. More recently I have acquired an N64Freak 1.0GHZ box via this forum. I've got to say, the quality of the work is vastly different on both, though both now get fairly equal usage due to the fact some games are more stable on the 1.0GHZ than the 1.4GHZ (even with patching). I have as of late come across several downloads I'd like to get hold of on this forum, but cannot get them because I need to have at least 3 forum posts. Hmm, I wonder why that is. It does make me a little peeved that some sites force you to make an account just to download files, and then wonder why they have lots of inactive accounts with no posts, then delete them en masse, possibly because they look so similar to spammy accounts. But this... is a whole new level. I have no intention of spamming, so I guess this policy is having a (probably desirable) effect of forcing me to actually make good quality posts in order to be allowed the privilege of downloading. Possibly to ensure people actually contribute to the community in order to benefit from it. Okay, I can see that being a good reason. So here we are, my introduction. I will follow up this post with some photographs I have taken from the inside of my two souped up Xboxes.
  17. Just recently got an original Xbox and have been soft modding it. Wanted to try out the original xbox since there are many classics on the system like Conker Live and Reloaded and I feel its best to experience them on original hardware.
  18. Been messing around with the Xbox for a couple years now. I enjoy seeing what people have done and what they come up with. Plus it is nice to have a place to get advice and help!
  19. after a very very long absence from the xbox i would like to bring it back to life and hope to find some support and news here about how things are going in the xbox scene right now. Marco
  20. Hi all, I joined because I have a 1.0 build I did back in the day (2004), obviously things have changed a lot since then. I have the solderless xecutor 2.3b lite where you screw it onto the board headers and everything still works great. I did remove my clock cap before it could wreck anything. I've upgraded my fan to a noctua. I do have the later heat sinks in hand, but I will probably defer installation until I do a full recap and my HDMI mod from MakeMHZ. I have a 200 GB ide drive in there now, running avalaunch dashboard. I do like that dashboard but I'm guessing that is very out of date. I've done a few updates here and there, and I added some better emulators but I'm still mostly running the same old stuff I did back then. After adding xb partitioner 1.3 and starting it up to see what it looks like, I found that I need to upgrade my bios to allow me to go with the 2 TB drive I bought and the venerable StarTech SATA adapter I have. I'm downloading TruHeXen 2020 right now from archive so maybe that will have a new bios that will let me use the 2TB. The last time I set one of these up might have been around 2007 with an evox disc I probably got off usenet back then. I still have that disc but I'm sure it isn't going to get me where I want to be with regard to upgrading to a 2TB drive. Anyway, I will be searching the forums before simply asking someone to tell me things that have been answered tons of times. Just thought I would introduce myself. Thanks!
  21. Hi guys Guy from Ireland who had a great gaming childhood that lived on through the years. I love modding and have just picked up a 1.6 crystal. I installed the Aladdin XT + chip and upgraded the hard drive using excellent info I found here. Also replaced a few caps that looked a tad rough. Loving the OG Xbox again. I sold mine far to early back in the day. Thanks for having me
  22. Hello this is my first post. I'm new here and hope to learn a lot from everyone. Joseph
  23. Hoping to learn alot of usefull stuff here.
  24. Like the title says i am new just joined and i wanna say hello to everyone. I learned about this forum from a youtuber and decided to make an account cause in hopes that this forum is pretty active as i haven't found many active places for the original xbox. If anybody has any questions about me being new i am willing to answer sofor a new member i hope to be welcomed by you all.
  25. Hello all, I just wanted to say a quick hello to all who decide to see this! Modding my Xbox and looking around for information brought me here. This place seems like a good place to settle in and talk. I've had an original Xbox ever since they launched, but never thought to mod it up until a few weeks ago. I think modding out my Dreamcast made me want to explore other consoles as well. This seemed like a great fit and fun route to take. .....also questions, I have so many questions ha! I'll bring that to the designated forum spots. Thanks, and looking forward to all this.

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