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Found 8 results

  1. I've started to list the game's I've gotten this error with, alongside what method I was using to store them on my HDD Some would outright lock up the whole system. Any idea how I could fix this? If it matters, I'm using Cerbios 2.3.1 UDMA5 on a 1.0 System with a 2TB HDD, obviously with a SATA2IDE adapter. 007 - Everything or Nothing (US, Folder, Stuck on black screen) Psyvarier 2 - Extend Edition (JP, Folder (same results with CCI), Dirty/Damaged Disc) Guilty Gear X2 Reload (US, Folder, Dirty/Damaged Disc) Alien Hominid (EU, Folder, Stuck on a loading screen) Burnout 3 - Takedown (US, Folder, Stuck on a loading screen) Dead Man's Hand (US, Folder, Stuck on a loading screen) Doom 3 (US, Folder, Crashes on start screen) Doom 3 - Resurrection of Evil (US, Folder, Crashes on start screen)
  2. Hello all, I need some assistance. I was trying to softmod a few xbox's I got laying around here. One has a ton of update and DLC data on it I want to contribute back. That all being said, I used one of the consoles that didn't have much data on it. I then used the Splinter Cell NTSC game. It worked and loaded up the softmod tool, I pressed A. It gave a generic error and asked me to choose NTSC or PAL, I chose NTSC. The script continued, appeared to backup the EEPROM, modify C Partition, etc. at the end, it says "See that was painless go ahead and reboot" annnnnnnnnnd.....pain. Only boots to an error 13 or 14 So, could I take this drive, hook it up to FATxplorer, unlock the drive with null or 1111's, grab the legit hdd key from the E: partition, then lock the drive using the correct key. Then can I use FATxplorer to rebuild the dashboard/C partition somehow? From what I can tell from YT vids, when it rebooted, it looks like a script should have ran and that never happened, just errors 13 or 14 and nothing boots (real discs or burnt ones). I do have access to one softmodded xbox if that helps me to solve this... Regards, PHX-Sisko
  3. There's a few games not working on faster cpu. Does anyone know how to get Return to Castle Wolfenstein (NTSC) to run with a faster cpu ? (1 ghz, 1.4 ghz) ? On startup it dIsplays the first copyright screen and then it freezes just before loading the ESRB notice. HDD spins down to low activity. Same result happens if I use xbepatcher on the default.xbe. On my stock xbox this game runs just fine.
  4. Hello Everyone I have a xbox original that is chipmoded - it has errors 16 and 21 Can I hotswap it ? I have all the necessary things to do a hotswap from ebay also i have the pc with ide optical drive. It's a 1.5 halo special edition. I have removed the time/date capacitor.
  5. Hi all. I just finished installing an OpenXenium modchip in my 1.1v Xbox. It boots into XeniumOS fine but I am unable to launch into any bios. I added the retail kernal to TSOP and it returns an error 16. This is using the original HDD and 40pin cable. I also bought a new HDD, IDE to SATA adapter and 80pin cable. Unfortunately I get error 11 with this setup. I've tried using the new 80pin cable with the original HDD and it still gives an error 16. I have also tried pulling the modchip out and having everything stock (Original HDD, 40pin cable) but it still gives me error 16. I'm not sure what else to do. Any advice would be really appreciated.
  6. Hi Team, After successfully hard modding a v1.2 with a Hynix chip. I thought, why have one modded XBOX when you can have two. The second unit is a 1.4 with Winbond chip. Whenever I try and flash the BIOS (Tru3HeXEn 2021), it tries to start and then immediately errors out. The error window is blank. I also noticed in the Tru3HeXEn main window it shows 'Chip:Protected'. I have triple checked the solder points and they look fine to me. I wanted to toss it out to the forum to see if anyone has run into this before (do some boards just not want to cooperate?) and if there was a resolution other than alternate points or trying a mod chip ( I have an Aladdin XT mod chip, but was saving that in case I came across a v1.6). Thanks!
  7. So I’m not the most educated in terms of consoles or modding or repair so please bare with me here. I recently purchased a Translucent Halo edition Xbox on offer up to try and capture that good nostalgia hit that anything from that time does for me and got it for a killer price because of the fact that when it is booted on it errors out to either error 07 or 09. I have jumped down this rabbit hole time after time after time since buying this in trying to troubleshoot, isolate and address what the culprit or culprits are but for every solution I seem to find there I then another 20 questions. I have a very good feeling it is a faulty HDD but I’m not sure if it failed from age or possibly previous owner was trying to mod but the consistent factor and trial error I’ve gone through leads me to believe since it’s clicking that is my issue. Can anyone help me finally complete this project and help me make this the most meaningful console I’ve ever owned?
  8. My brother has a few 3tb sata drives with some smart errors. I would like to use them in some xboxes. The drives work fine in the pc, but not for data centers anymore. How would a xbox react to these? As the are not running full days, will it go?

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