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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, new member...but not new to the scene. I have been a member over at XBMC4XBOX for years. I initially modded this box in 2010/2011-ish. I had run XBMC on it for my daughter for a number of years, with the help of the fine folks over at X4X, have updated it several times...added some SNES ROMS and had quite a bit of fun messing around with it and the scene. As it got to be a little longer in the tooth for HD streaming, and several devices that are smaller and much more powerful that can do much more, I packed it away. My son is now 15, and loves all things gaming. I would like to get this back up and running with more ROMS that he and his friends can enjoy. Several months ago, I updated the dash with Rocky5 1.17 disc, but could never get anything to boot off of it. I only got Rocky5's gray dash, and the downloader working. XBMC would boot to a red error screen, and XBMC Emustation/XBMC4Gamers would not do anything...no matter how much I tried. I posted over at XBMC4XBOX several times to get some help, but really received no answers. In the last few weeks I have found this site, and have been reading as much as I can. I got the box out today, and had forgotten that in a fit of desperation, I tried HEXEN 2018 to try to wipe the mod and start over. It still had UnleashX as the main dash, and booted right up to it. XBMC 3.5 was still in the E: folder, but still booted to the red printed error screen. When I tried to switch to it as a dashboard I couldn't get UnleashX back. I put HEXEN back in and ran through some tools and kept getting more errors. Just dug Rocky5 out again, and ran through the softmod updater. It is a stock (other than the softmod) 1.4 that I believe was warranty repaired by Microsoft at one time. I purchased it from a friend at work, and it had previously been opened up, but no mods had been done. Booted fine to stock dash with all his game saves. I had done the original mod with the Replay card and 007 with Krayzie's, I believe. It worked great, and I was constantly reading and messing with updates and dashboard appearance for it when it was in my daughter's room. I would really like to clean this thing up. Rocky5 is now updated, and I installed the XBMC4Gamers, and booted to the dash...it worked! Now that I am a little more encouraged, I want to get this as clean as possible before adding ROMS, etc... I feel all of my attempts have left junk behind, and I want it gone...Is there a utility or anything that will get my softmod to a point that it has only what it needs to run? Then I can begin again. Like a "fresh install" or "refresh"? I have old XBMC builds, and who knows what else cluttering up the disk. Or possibly a folder structure diagram that I can follow, and clean up manually? I had incorrectly assumed that the softmod updater or HEXEN would wipe everything for me, but that was not the case. I've poured through both discs and have not seen anything like this in any menus. Thanks in advance...love the site Kevin
  2. Hey Guys, Im currently working on trying to fix a FRAG'd motherboard that I bought sometime last year. While normally I would just ditch the motherboard in a normal FRAG circumstance, this motherboard is special. Its a board that has the MCPX X2 chip instead of the retail X3 and has only 64mb of RAM. Im not entirely sure on what its history is, the person who I bought it from on Ebay didnt seem to know either so whether he is 2nd owner or even further down the line, im not sure. Either way im trying to do all I can to diagnose and fix the board so that I can turn it into a proper debug board that could maybe run stock un-modified Debug ROMs. Just a nice small little thing. Anyways, I had recently posted about this around a year ago asking if anyone had any X2 bioses and whether there was any main difference between a BIOS for a X2 and X3 other then the secret boot portion. After all that I built a Couple OpenXenium modchips and went to town on trying BIOS's. Ill note, the original 1mb ROM chip was FRAG'ing and at the moment i've pulled it and put it on a breakout but havent gotten around to reading it out. Anyways right now i've made a dumb variant of the Xenium firmware so that instead of doing all the smart stuff, it just boots and mirrors the first 1mb 16x across the memory space. I've also attached a stackable header to one of the chips so I could attach a logic analyzer I bought to read things out. So onto the results. While I haven't decoded the LPC address requests yet, based upon my initial inspection, it seems the system is requesting a set of data, and then just stopping. The clock still runs untill the PIC comes in and restarts the system since it didnt receive the special code. I've attached a photo to show what I mean. Im trying to work up a decoder for the analyzer so I can see what address its requesting and what data gets sent back. From what I see and speculate, it almost seems like a memory failure or something along the lines of that maybe? Im just thinking if the MCPX is requesting the first reset vector worth of data for the CPU but then nothing is getting transferred into ram, then it might not execute? Then again I didnt think things got transferred into RAM until the 1bl is loaded, and from what I figure from the capture, only about 16 bytes is getting transferred ( 16 LFRAME signals). If anyone has some suggestions, im all ears right now. I'd like to try and get this board up and running, but a FRAG state is hard to figure out and diagnose. If I cant get the decoder up and running in a bit here, i may just hand calculate the LPC transactions. And for those wondering, the bios im running is a patched 3944 bios. Patched as in I tossed the security 256 bytes into it. The dumb firmware works as I've tried it on a retail machine and it boots fine. If anyone is curious or wants a specific picture of the LPC capture, just ask and I'll see what I can do. Thanks in advance.
  3. Upon bootup my xbox goes as far as to displaying the XBOX screen and then freezes there, if I try to eject the tray the screen goes blank and flashes for a moment before bringing back up the XBOX screen. I've received no error and have yet to put in a recovery disc

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