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Found 5 results

  1. So, I wasn't really sure which forum to post this in since the question will touch multiple categories. I have an xbox 1.6 which had an xecuter2.6ce that I installed in it many years ago. At the time, I flashed both banks with evoXM8+_16 as a "just in case one of the banks corrupts". I had also bought the programmer for these back then... unfortunately, I didn't keep a computer with a parallel port That Xbox ended up freezing up a lot and dieing. So, I figured I would try to move the modchip to a backup Xbox I have (daughter's autistic and playing on this is part of her daily routine... you keep backups...) Unfortunately, this backup Xbox is a 1.4. I had a mishap with some traces on the 1.6 while moving the modchip, so going back to reflash anything isn't an option. I'm an Electronics Tech by trade, and am no stranger to soldering... so I'm a bit ashamed of the trace damages and don't really want to elaborate. So, I have no access to a parallel port, IDE cables on a computer (mine only has SATA ports now), or the original 1.6 xbox. I ended up going to a local vintage game shop and got myself a copy of Splinter Cell as I plan on softmodding the 1.4 console, then probably TSOP-ing it so that I can install a larger harddrive (or just move the HD over from the 1.6 as I know it at least works fine with the Xbox). My question before starting this process is this: Is there someway with either the softmoded or TSOP flashed Xbox 1.4 to install the Xecuter2.6CE chip and reflash it? I was thinking that maybe it would be possible to boot the xbox with the chip disabled (via the control switches) then maybe enable it once everything's booted and flash it. Basically, I'd like to reflash this chip to evoxM8+ on one bank and evoxM8+_16 on the other or maybe flashbios on one, just in case this unit dies in the future that I can just reuse the modchip in another if needed. Unfortunately the prices on modchips has increased quite a bit, so replacing it with a fresh one isn't really an option right now. I figured I should ask here before I started doing all of this and doing something out of order. I'll probably go ahead and do the softmod though since I know that'll have to be done for anything else. Thanks in advance.
  2. I have an Xbox with a 2.6 but it’s missing the bank dip switch board and cable. Does anyone have one for sale?
  3. XBOX ORIGINAL EXECUTER 2.6CE HDMI 3TB HDD Fresh build!!! This item sold on Ebay on September 5th, 2021, but buyer just messaged me saying he doesn't have the money. Officially by Ebay, I need to wait until September 9th and I can sell wherever. I am in Utah, hoping to ship in USA if possible. $300 + $25 shipping. I'm hoping to sell this system first and see how much of a loss I will take and then likely sell my other 3CE system also... https://youtu.be/WW1PfM_ZXrY See photos here: https://classifieds.ksl.com/listing/65232933 Currently loaded with 311 of the best XBOX games, but you should be able to fit EVERY XBOX game ever made for XBOX on this 3TB HDD if you use the HDD READY versions (I can show you how). Everything works correctly, ready to boot and play! My cost of parts (everything except xbox and xecuter is brand new in August 2021): $100 Stock XBOX (revision 1.6) with 2 controllers $100 XECUTER 2.6 CE Mod Chip $69 Clear Crystal Ghost Case and Blue LED Kit $86 3TB Hard Drive (Seagate BarraCuda ST3000DM007) $22 SATA to IDE adapter (StarTech IDE2SAT2) $10 Upgraded Ribbon Cable 80-way 24” $15 New Motherboard Capacitors from Mouser $4 Artic Silver Thermal Paste $7 XBOX Compatible USB Drive $5 USB to Controller Port Interface $9 Custom Jewel $33 HDMI Cable Total Parts is $460, Labor additional (please see below) I am an expert solderer. I’ve done 10,000+ repairing vintage recording consoles, so the soldering on this is expert quality. Labor was installing the Xecuter modchip (soldering), removing the clock capacitor and replaced with a capacitor (needed for the revision 1.6) (soldering), replaced 22 capacitors on Motherboard (soldering),removed all the old thermal paste on 2 heat sinks, used fresh Artic Silver thermal paste, clean inside, clean fan, install Ghostcase, install 3TB hard drive, install StarTech adapter, install upgraded 80-way cable, clean inside DVD drive and clean optical, format hard drive, install XBMC4Gamers and the best dashes, load 166 games, test. TruHeXEn 2021 DVD-r included. This sale also includes the black cover and old parts including a baggie of the old capacitors. Current DVD Drive is a Thomson TGM600 wrorking great. I installed the Ghostcase top so you can see the spinning DVD , but old cover is included. Sale includes power cable, HDMI cable, and composite cable. And 2 controllers included. All new parts were just bought in August 2021, so this is a fresh build with low hours! I can include documentation and receipts if desired. The Blue LED Kit is just tacked in place with hot glue in top center. It can easily be peeled off and moved if desired. https://youtu.be/WW1PfM_ZXrY I currently have 2 different systems for sale, see separate ads 3CE and 2.6CE...
  4. I've had a v1.6 Xbox with a pro-fitted Xecuter 2.6CE since 2005 and its been pretty much perfect until recently. On two or three occasions its refused to boot either via the Power button or the Eject/Close button. I get a green/red flashing LED typically indicating a hardware error. Sometimes it does that once and then shutdown, others times it frags. However I found that if I shutdown, switch the chip off, boot to Error 5 (unlocked HDD) then switch off and reboot with the chip back on everything is back to normal. But yesterday I noticed something else weird: the chip has two 512K banks with the originally supplied custom EvoX BIOS on both. The only difference between them is Bank 1 has the EvoX logo and Bank 2 doesn't. I usually have it set to the EvoX logo one but now it has swapped to the non-logo version on boot. It doesn't seem to matter whether I switch banks or not. You might think a connection problem with the switch array ie. it is stuck on Bank 2 but, here's the weird thing: if I Reboot from my Unleash main dash or IGR the EvoX logo version BIOS appears to be used. Never heard/read about anything like this - any ideas what is going on?
  5. Hello All, I have what seems to be a fully working Xecuter 2.6CE in a Revsion 1.6. XBMC4GAMERS and games are working, but I can't seem to find anywhere in settings where it shows the bios version or that it even recognizes the Xecuter 2.6CE mod chip. If I hold the black or clear button on controller during boot, it just loads normal to XBMC4GAMERS. Same if I hold the power and eject button at same time on startup. I do NOT get a "Xecuter Rox My Box" logo on startup screen, but only "Microsoft". Is the "Rox My Box" only a X3 thing? I get a "Evo X" in top left corner of the same green xbox loading screen. Just curious if my bios could be a better version or if I should just leave it all as is since it is working. If I select Bank1 or Bank2 on the switch on front of unit, both load fine and work, but seem identical. Where do I find what bios version I have? Thank you!

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