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  1. I see you beat me to it. I had not read your post before I replied. So, the answer is posted twice.
  2. Click the Code button to display the dropdown menu. Next, click on Download ZIP. This action will download all of the files in the spi2par2019 repository in a ZIP archive file for the selected branch. For this repository, there's only one branch - named master. The zip archive will be named <repository name>-<branch name>.zip -> spi2par2019-master.zip.
  3. Do you have the src subfolder with all its content from the spi2par2019 github repository in the sketch folder when trying to compile spi2par2019.ino? I believe that folder includes the code to use the Wire library. When I compiled spi2par2019, I received a few different errors than you but they did not prevent the sketch from compiling: C:\Users\KaosEngineer\Documents\Arduino\spi2par2019\src\SMWire\utility\twi.c: In function '__vector_36': C:\Users\KaosEngineer\Documents\Arduino\spi2par2019\src\SMWire\utility\twi.c:541:1: warning: useless type name in empty declaration extern unsigned char ; ^~~~~~ Sketch uses 11188 bytes (39%) of program storage space. Maximum is 28672 bytes. Global variables use 1061 bytes (41%) of dynamic memory, leaving 1499 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 2560 bytes. All of the highlighted files and folders need to be present from the repository in the location you load the spi2par2019.ino file from: The src folder contains the code to use the Wire function(s).
  4. Had you already tried the XBE version of XBlast 0S 0.56? You don't have to have all of the files from the archive that mention placing them on the C drive. From what I recall, those files are used with an actual XBlast Lite modchip. Create a folder named, BIOS on the C drive of the Xbox and place the dot bin file of the BIOS you want to flash to the modchip. If that fails and you have an external programmer capable of flashing an SST49LF002A memory chip, try that next. Post how things go after trying each possible fix. If those fail, ???, maybe (hopefully) I'll come up with something else to try.
  5. was it the one mentioned in the first post of this thread: https://www.ogxbox.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3866-aladdin-flash-not-writable/
  6. Yes, the flash memory chip on it is "fake". Note: All Aladdin XT plus 2's in current production are clones of the original - so all are now fake but these are even more FAKE!. The flash memory chip has been relabeled stating that it is an SST49LF020A but it is actually an SST49LF002A. The JEDEC ID returned by the chip when Evoxdash tries to flash it tells you so. Manufacturer ID: bf Device ID: 57 A real SST49LF020A's ID is bf52 (edit: bf61's not the ID for an SST49LF020A but an SST49LF020), not bf57. Edit: Or does it. Hard to tell with a "FAKE" chip.
  7. Correct, a BFM BIOS is loaded by the Xbox application Phoenix BIOS Loader (PBL), not flashed to a modchip. If you do flash a BFM BIOS to your modchip, the console will no longer boot.
  8. Looking at the BIOS feature table, All Retail Bios Information (From XBox-Scene), the Evox M8plus BIOS shows that it includes the eject trick but not the eject fix patch. eject trick if xbe is compiled with specific flag, the xbox will not reset when you press eject-button eject fix xbox will never reset if you press eject-button Some applications, most likely homebrew programs like replacement dashboards, are compiled with that specific flag - need to do a bit more research to find out what flag that is - so the Xbox will not reset when eject is pressed. However, retail games most likely do not have that flag set. If you are playing an Xbox game and press Eject, the console will reset.
  9. Ok. And, I see that pins 15 and 16 don't actually connect to the OpenXenium modchip only 14 of the 16 LPC debug port pins do. How are you powering on the console? Try powering it on with the front panel Eject button instead of the Power button. Doing so is to boot into the XeniumOS installed on the modchip. The previous owner may have non-compatible BIOS set to autoboot from the modchip.
  10. If the modified BIOS you are booting doesn't have the Eject fix patch, reseting the console is what the Eject button is supposed to do. Unmodded, the Xbox will reset when you press the Eject button.
  11. Try reflowing the solder on pins 7 and 11. To me, they look like balls of solder sitting on top of the pin header pin instead flowing into the plated-through hole of the LPC debug port, not making make a good connection to the signal there on the motherboard. While you are there, reflow pins 15 and 16 too.
  12. IMHO, if you are using a SATA hard drive/IDE-to-SATA adapter combo, using a high-speed 80-wire 40-pin IDE cable is a must! Gets rid of error 13 for me too just like you found out.
  13. You did unsolder the 1.6 bridge on the OpenXenium? Which pad on the bottom of the motherboard did you connect D0 to? Not to say you have it on the wrong pad but I have helped others before that had it off by one. Edit: Post a pictures of the soldering.
  14. KaosEngineer

    XboxHDM USB

    Try the beta 3 release of XboxHDM23USB. Although, I'm afraid it will do the same thing. Or, try low-level formatting the hard drive with HDDGuru's HDD LLF Low Level Format Tool then re-run XboxHDM. Edit: Another thing to try, test the hard drive with Seagate's SeaTools for Windows application to make sure it is working properly. SeaTools (Windows) | Seagate (oops, that's an older version The latest release is available on this page - Software and Firmware Downloads | Seagate Support US
  15. What type of problem are you having with the LEDs? Which LED and resistor value did you use (part number of the LED)? Online LED Calculator - Current Limiting Resistor Calculator for LED(s) What are the specs of the LEDs you installed? Need to know their forward voltage drop (Vf) and maximum current rating. Generally, an LEDs Vf value is 2 Vdc and the maximum current rating is 20mA; however, not all LEDs have the same exact specifications. Vs = Vf + I(led) * Current limiting resitor value For example: 5 Vdc = 2 Vdc + 20 mA (0.02 Amps) * R Ohms (5 V - 2 V)/ 0.02 Amps = R R = 150 Ohms However, using a slightly larger resistor value is better to keep the current flowing through the LED below its maximum rating. NOTE: If you install the LEDs the wrong way around, they will not light up.
  16. Which forums did you read about this problem?
  17. Flashing orange with an increase of cooling fan speed is an caused by the System Management Controller (SMC) detecting an overheating condition. However, replacement dashboards can be configured to change the eject ring color too. With UnleashX go to: System > Settings > System page scroll down until you see the LED color section. Are any of these items set to Flashing Orange?
  18. Rename the C:\Audio folder to C:\Audio_old Reboot the console, does the static sound go away?
  19. Need a video of your Xbox to hear the sound it is now making?
  20. KaosEngineer

    XboxHDM USB

    Unless you have changed the HDDKey on the Xboxes, each one has a different value assigned. Each time you unlock a different Xbox's hard drive, you will have to copy the correct eeprom.bin file to the root directory where XboxHDM23USB is located on your PC to unlock it. You cannot use the application to easily unlock multiple Xbox hard drives unless the HDDKey stored in the configuration EEPROM of them all are changed to the same value. (NOTE: Keep a backup copy of each Xbox's original eeprom.bin file.)
  21. KaosEngineer

    XboxHDM USB

    XboxHDM23USB Beta 2 ,3, and 4 all can only access the first 6 drives that Windows recognizes attached to the PC. Determine which physical device number Windows has assigned to your Xbox's hard drive (actually all drives attached to your PC). Start/open a cmd.exe Window. Keyin the command wmic diskdrive get model,name then press Enter to run it. Example Output Model Name SanDisk SDSSDH3 1T02 \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0 WDC WD80EB-28CGH2 \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1 Which \\.\PHYSICALDRIVEN is the Xbox hard drive assigned? If N > 5, you will need to disable / disconnect some of the other drives listed before it. I had a computer with a multi-device card reader that had 6 PHYSICALDRIVEs assigned to it even though they were not in use. After disabling several of those drives in Windows Device Manager, the Xbox drive was finally assigned a low enough device ID (less than or equal to 5) that XboxHDM23USB could find it.
  22. Yes, simple. Most replacement dashboards build an Applications menu by scanning for the default.xbe file in folders one-level below the C:\apps, E:\apps, F:\apps and/or G:\apps folder. (Note: This operation depends upon the replacement dashboard's menu settings found in its configuration file - evox.ini for evoxdash, config.xml for UnleashX, etc.) Xbox Softmodding Tool Default Dashboard Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool has a long boot order list. The first entry found on the hard drive becomes the default dashboard: C:\XBMC-Emustation\default.xbe E:\XBMC-Emustation\default.xbe F:\XBMC-Emustation\default.xbe C:\XBMC4Gamers\default.xbe E:\XBMC4Gamers\default.xbe F:\XBMC4Gamers\default.xbe C:\XBMC4Xbox\default.xbe E:\XBMC4Xbox\default.xbe F:\XBMC4Xbox\default.xbe C:\XBMC\default.xbe E:\XBMC\default.xbe F:\XBMC\default.xbe C:\dashboard\default.xbe E:\dashboard\default.xbe F:\dashboard\default.xbe C:\dash\default.xbe E:\dash\default.xbe F:\dash\default.xbe E:\default.xbe E:\dashboard.xbe C:\evoxdash.xbe E:\evoxdash.xbe C:\XBMC.xbe E:\XBMC.xbe If a file is not found, the boot loader attempts to run the next entry on the list. If found, it runs; otherwise, the next down the list is attempted. Repeat... Therefore, to make an xbe file further down the list become the default dashboard, make sure that all of the files listed above it are not found - rename the folder or xbe file(s) so higher priority xbe entries are not found on the hard drive.
  23. Instead of installing XBMC-Emustation to the root folder of the C, E, or F drive where the softmod looks to load it, move the XBMC-Emustation folder to E:\Apps or F:\Apps.
  24. You may be able to create a set of images (jpgs) for each page of the PDF file and create a RAR, CBR or CBZ file that can be viewed with XBMC, XBMC4Xbox or xCbr. Check this post - https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=226861&pid=2003580#pid2003580

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