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  1. I opted for the HDD-Raw-Copy-Tool, it worked fine, everything works, thanks sweetdarkdestiny!!
  2. I'll look into that thanks. Can I just turn off the xbox while chimp is cloning? I don't see any "stop process" options on the screen. Also, my hdd has a lot of partitions, because I use the emustation and chihiro, will the options you mention be able to copy everything like the original, a clone?
  3. Have a tsopped OG Xbox with a barracuda 2Tb hdd, it works fine no problems but I decided that making a clone of the hdd would be a good idea in case the one installed failed. I tried using regular pc hdd cloning software but they don't recognize the drives, I tried using chimp but ran into a couple of problems with my xbox to hdmi adapter but eventually I got it working. Problem now is that it would take chimp to clone my hdd 3 days (doing bit by bit since they are both the same type of hdd) and I'm not sure if its a good idea to keep it on for that long. The hdd is almost full so it will be cloning almost the entire 2Tb, I have it in an enclosure in my entertainment center but its open in front and I've installed a rear fan in the cabinet to help with trapped hot air coming from the xbox. What do you guys think, leave it on for the 3 days or maybe there's a faster way that I don't know about, not a lot of info out there for this other than maybe something to do with fatxplorer but there isn't any cloning options I see in the program, I don't want to stop chimp unless I know there's a better way.
  4. Since I didn't get an answer sooner, I bought a silver receiver and a silver controller, they weren't cheap to buy them separately but couldn't take the risk of them not working together. They worked so I was happy about that, now I know that different receivers can work with different logitech controllers, I am in the process of modding the controller with leds and a rechargable battery, after that I will do the internal mod on my xbox. Thanks KaosEngineer and jbelvin for all your help, I can archive this info in case I forget how to do it I won't go crazy trying to find it online again.
  5. It's 5v or less, 26 5v rgb leds, logitech wireless controller+remote control internal mod, a small 5v intake fan, 2 temp sensor and displays which are really small and expect to be 5v or 3.3v, haven't arrived yet. That's all the new stuff I want to add but what's already there that's not stock is the 2tb hdd only and I'm not using the DVD drive so that should let the psu breath some. What do you think, too much for the psu? The leds will draw 1.56A but at full brightness white or blue and they won't be at peak 100% of the time. The rest of the stuff I think together won't even get to half an Amp or do you think they can? The extra fan will draw 100mA, not sure what the wireless controller and remote will draw.
  6. So I'm OK amp wise if I connect everything to the hdd molex? I'll look into how to tap into the main connector and it's amp limits as well, maybe some pics of someone's setup would help, I'll search online for some. Thanks for the help, any more info would be appreciated.
  7. I'm about to install some Internal mods and needed to know how to power them, do I just tap into the hdd's molex? I'm not using the DVD drive so I was thinking of using the 12pin header but I don't know what is a safe amp limit. The mods would draw around 2.5A, how do you guys safely power multiple Internal mods like leds, temp sensors+display, wireless controller & remote control, wifi, Extra fans?
  8. Looking around for a wireless controller so I can do the mod, found a black, White, green and silver but most of them don't have a receiver. If I buy any receiver separately will it sync with the controller? Even if i buy a green controller but buy a white EA sports version receiver?
  9. That's good to know, I'll be installing individual temperature probes to both the CPU and GPU to make sure of any temp changes from current state and after shroud install. I'm going to apply some kryonaut to both as well to maximize results.
  10. The first one would also work for me but I have a 1.1 and the GPU has a fan, would a shroud be out of the question or just make it taller? I guess I'll have to remove the fan and test if the shroud lowers the temps. Got two temp displays coming so I'll be able to install a probe to both the CPU and GPU and get an accurate reading. Thanks Baggashite, I was looking to install some kind of better heat sink but the shroud idea might be enough.
  11. Wow, thanks a lot KaosEngineer, been looking for this for a while, I thought I fully modded my xbox with the exception of it being chipped and it not having that display in the front or that bottom left hand corner control module that connects to the chip inside. I have a crystal xbox, 2tb hdd, led port mod, jewel light mod, noctua fans, recapped motherboard and psu, added extra 64mb of ram to max it out for chihiro gaming, removed the dvd drive because it didn't work and the hard drive has all the games anyways, this space can be used to install more mods and maybe help keep it cooler. Its softmodded and tsopped so I don't need it chipped only if I can get my hands on one and it has the crystal controller outside and the display. With these two new mods it can be almost complete and now just waiting for a different hdmi mod that isn't MakeMHz's mod, for the mean time I modded a Wii2Hdmi converter and that's what I use. Thanks a bunch again!!!, did not know about wayback machine.
  12. This is a long shot since I can't seem to find anything on the subject anywhere. Does anyone know how (website, guide, person, video) to install both the remote dongle and the logitech dongle internally? I remember a long time ago a guide or two on how to do it but can't seem to find anything now. I'm guessing that there's a lag issue for the logitech and maybe there's better newer tech now that corrects that, if lag is a big issue I might just get something newer even if its not internal but the remote dongle to turn the xbox on is a must. Is the lag that bad on the logitech, enough to go back to wired? What do you guys recommend is the best wireless solution with current tech? I would still like to know how to do the mods, hope someone out there knows. Thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks for the link, been looking for a long time.

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