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  1. Here's the latest of my discovery: stackoverflow com/questions/60324277/enabling-tsr-debugging-through-trainer-with-evox-evolution-x-remotex I was using the RS3:Black Arrow trainer to prototype a method forcing telnet to work. Not a bad strategy in my eyes but it's falling short.
  2. Idk, I would never lose that source. And true, you interested in helping with the neXgen project? It's our best shot at not starting from ground zero.
  3. I've been looking all over trying to find the devs. It's harder than ever now. The IRC chat is vacant. The site is defunct. Other have suggested starting from scratch or going for neXgen dash source and working my way up.
  4. I've been using EvoX's telnet features to poke around with memory with games. Have been making some progress with Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller. Haven't made a trainer yet, but have ran into some concerns: 1. I would like to have better control over value much more like Cheat Engine would have. 2. Too many games close out access to the Debugger (notably Fight Night Round 3 and THPS4) 3. A live memory edit would be nice 4. Working with floats does NOT have to be this hard. 5. CXBX is just a nightmare to work with. Does anyone have any solution to these problems? Does anyone care? We can dump the entire memory using scripts. That's a start, I just haven't started on it. Actually Putty isn't working for this job. An In conclusion, can anyone provide EvoX / RemoteX source code so we can work on the telnet feature? Big thanks to: mandragor for EvoX Trainers Telnet v1.1

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