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  1. Update, i did exactly as you had said to do step for step, Xbox is now been corrected with the Bios and got into the X3 Config Live. Thanks for your help on getting this part straightened out. Now i can move on the it's next bugs which are not as important as getting the Bios corrected
  2. Did as you suggested with Bank switchs set , entered Flash Bios, enabled network. pic is of as far as it would let me go. Been way to many years since i did any of this one.
  3. Tried your suggestion on Bank switch's Bank 12 Booted to Dash Band 34 Same to Dash Bank 56 Flash Bios screen Bank 78 Same, Flash Bios screen
  4. Here's a small run down, Switch 1 On, 2 3 4 5 Off, Boots to the Flash Bios screen, 1 and 2 On, boots to UnleashX dash, 1 2 3 On, same as 1 and 2 On, 1 2 3 4 On, it does not like that, won't boot, panel lights go crazy (Got a sorta cute light setup on my panel) with blank screen. Just a bit of a run down there
  5. When i took these pics 1 and 2 switch's are On, 3 4 5 Off, even if 1 and 2 are off with the rest it boots the same. setting switch's differently it won't even boot at all. Go figure
  6. Here's a couple pics i just took, doesn't seem to matter what setting i have switch's set for, ether it won't boot at all or these 2 pics is all it shows. still scratching my head on this one lol
  7. Yes it does have the board in it, i did a bit of research a while back on what was supposed to be with the X3 kit and it had everything need, i,ll get a pic uploaded of what it shows when booting up into the Flash Bios screen which for this one is the 3.0.0
  8. Enjoyed your vid and raffle is a Great ideal
  9. Heres the pic of info with Kernel version. I did try the X button and B button with no result. Maybe that Bios might have been there once since Flubber was Blue a while back. This poor Xbox was a mess when i first started on it and with help from this forum slowly making head way on it along with some case mods i been doing. When i first got it, it was simple Black case, normal drabe looking but not anymore. Adding the clear ghost case, LCD and also a few fun LEDS it's coming to Life
  10. Tried the holding of white button earlier today but with no luck,( from what you suggest it should have done sorta tells me it's not there to find easily of just not there. I,ll keep trying ) only went into the dashboard, finally i turn it off, after being on all day long with no apparent issue's i felt it time to give it a bit of a rest, waiting for 1 final item to arrive, doing a soft mod on a Xbox i picked up here for 10 bucks a few months ago that works well. I took it apart, cleaned it, got rid of the old clock cap and new thermo on heat sinks. boots up and everything works like new on it. Just happen to have a 500G hard drive needing a home
  11. Here's a pic of what i been working on, i added the LCD a few days ago. After 5 pm here and 81/2 hours straight being on and still going, tried bank switch's in different ways but ether it won't boot of just go's back to Unleashed X Dash, pressing both power and eject together brings up the Flashbios 3.0.0, checked what it has on the hard drive ( seeing what was there but did not flash it, just backed out for now till i figure out more stuff that's on it ) when just testing whats on hard drive for flashing but not wanting to do that one yet. How do you get into the Backup, not sure on that one. I'm thinking the Config Live might be in the Backup. Any ideals be worth trying,
  12. Thanks for the topic you uploaded with the pics, i had most of them traces followed and marked. Used the photos to double check and was off by only one of them. Made the correction, did only 4 of the 5 traces for the voltage line was in great shape. I did however after i did the jumpers for repairing 4 of the traces is to pick 2 spots on the board outside the bad area and cut the bad traces altogether to isolate any issue there. Put it all back together at 7 am this morning and for the first time since i purchased this it finally booted up when pressing the power button. It,s been on with no problems since 7:30 this morning, Going to let it run for a few more hours then move forward with some of the mods i been doing on it, Only need to download X3 3294 and flash it, since making a ton of repairs on this thing LOL when i first got it to boot the Flubber was Blue, now it's back to normal green. ( if it did have the 3294 on it, it's not there anymore.)Thanks again for the pic upload on the correct path of them traces. Great community here
  13. Took the advice of pulling Xbox completely apart again and using my recently set up microscope on my computer I checked the tracks slowly and carefully and found only 1 damaged track in area pictured, I traced where the track go’s and decided to solder in a wire at each vie area the trace went. Reassembled and it was worse, nothing from the power button, lost the eject but it would boot when pressing both power and eject, what a mess and added fun this is gonna be. Will re check areas again, I do happen to have another V1.0 console that is stock, if worse comes to worse I might have to move the X3 over to it and just start from scratch,
  14. No overheating issues, when it powers down its like your pressed the button to turn it off, there's no flashing on eject ring and fan speed is steady the whole time.
  15. Thanks for the advice, be checking into that this weekend, i'll give it a shot on those switch settings. I did try just tapping the power button and even holding is before with no response of any kind, Holding both power and eject does bring me up into the screen, i,ll get a pic of it and upload it. Theres 2 bios's it brings up

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