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  1. Same comparison, different game:
  2. Here are photos of the lower right quadrant. Again pass-through mode (off) vs. on:
  3. Instead of adding this to the Wii2HDMI thread, I figured I'd start a new one. I'm still not fully happy with the output quality of my Wii2HDMI due to the interference, but I tried it out in combination with my mClassic, and I'm rather impressed with the improvements. Below you can see the same scene with the mClassic in pass-through mode (off) vs. on. Hopefully this comes through with downscaled images. Edit: In case it needs mentioning, the vertical lines you can see in the images are from the interference I'm talking about. I'm hoping to tune this out some more, but I may have to j
  4. When I first read your comment, I thought there was no way in hell; but I figured I'd go ahead and try it. The main menu for Halo looks great after some tweaking. Unfortunately though, the interference comes back to a certain extent when I load up my savegame. It is definitely much better now though, so thanks for the suggestion. I'll try playing with the settings some more, but I'm not sure it's worth keeping this way if I can't get it any better than what I have here. Edit: It's really hard to see the interference in the photo, especially after I had to resize it to post. But it's
  5. Unfortunately, I've already bought 5 of these things (2 from Amazon, and 3 from AliExpress). All 5 showed some degree of interference when I tested using my Wii. I don't think I can stomach buying any more of them. That's a nice piece of hardware, but at that price point, I think I'll wait to see how the MakeMHz option works out. It looks like there's been some progress lately (hopefully).
  6. I just made one of these this weekend. I liked @SS_Dave's idea of using CAT5 wires, because they're cheap/free out of my box of random cables, and they're color coded for easier identification, but mostly because I only had some 28 AWG wire as my only other alternative. The downside, at least for my cheap CAT5 wires, was that the insulation melts too easily. The good news is that it works. The bad news is, I get really bad interference lines. It exhibited faint lines when I pre-tested it with my Wii, but I read in a post somewhere that it behaves better when used with the XBOX.
  7. Hi all, I joined just over a year ago, and just realized I've never posted before. Thanks to this site and a few others, I TSOP-flashed a v1.0 XBOX and upgraded to a 2TB hard drive. Now I'm in the process of trying to streamline as many of my consoles as possible to use HDMI. Cheers, Cliff

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