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  1. Sorry should have said... I am set up with xbmc4gamers now. Do you happen to know if I can remove the profiles feature of it? I enabled auto login but removing it completely would be nicer. I dont like how pressing B on the home screen essentially logs you out and then back in again. Chris
  2. Thanks for this. I installed it as a dash and love it. I have enabled auto login because I am not interested in profiles. Is there a way to strip out profiles completely? I ask mainly because I noticed that when pressing B on the home screen it seems to go through the profile login again. Also it seems like something that adds a couple seconds to the boot up? No idea, just guessing. Chris
  3. Ok well I am all good now I think. I installed a new HDD, used the hexen disk to format and partition it. I grabbed rocky5 softmod skins and added them. Any idea how I get rid of these annoying passcodes on everything? Is it possible to edit the home screen options? Thanks, Chris
  4. Hi thanks for the reply. Maybe you didnt see my edit?
  5. EDIT: I decided to stop following instructions and experiment with the options in hexen. I ended up getting a dashboard installed that works! Turned out I had a winbond chip so I needed to do things differently. So I guess I now have a tsop modded system? Is there anyways to check? I much preferred the rocky5 softmod dash though, can I get that back somehow or do I loose it because I am tsop moded now? Chris
  6. Hello. I softmodded my xbox and decided to try the tsop mod. Followed a guide up untill the part where it had me burn a hexen cd. Instead I found this https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzRN8P835YijOFAydnYzRE0yNmc/view Unfortunately trying to skip burning a DVD has resulted in my xbox booting to a black screen. I see "loading ind-bios" before the screen goes black. Looking online I found some suggestions to boot into hexen disc (so I ended up having to burn it anyways) then run the clear files option. None of this worked though. Any ideas on what I can do to get my dashboard back? Chris

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