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    Dead Board?

    Some coolpastes can conduct power. In case of too much coolingpaste this can create Shorts and destroy components. So were there coolinpaste on other components than just the Processor unit? Otherwise No, too much coolingpaste cannot stop the console from booting up.
  2. @unknoweb When i burned my hexen disk i noticed the same an thought something went wrong. I just tried to read the disk and it worked, hexen came up on my xbox. Just give it a try, i bet it works for you as well.
  3. I made a dvd Cover-Sticker so it looks a bit prettier. Hexen2019-DVD-Layout .pdf
  4. Okay just to make sure. I will refresh the Bios on the Chip with Hexen 2019 with the option Evox M8+ 256kb Bios 1.6 F and G (This will update the Modchip with newest Bios of the Hexen Cd?) After that again with Hexen CD, I make a new Disk for Option F and G ( This will erase everything on the Harddrive, right?) And that it should be, right?! There should still be an option in the Stock Dashboard, to tell the system from which dashboard it should boot right? So I just gonna transfer via FTP a copy of XBMC4Gamers to drive E (Or better D?) and configure the system so it boots the Dashboard.xbe from XBMC4Gamers?! Right? I feel so dumb and sorry
  5. Thanks for the help @SS_Dave! So actually I cannot find a specific folder for XBMC on any of the partitions (C, D, E, F, Q). Only on Drive C and Q have files that have XBMC in their name. But them are log files... No XBMC Folder. ?? Could it be there are files or Folders invisible? It seems like Q and C are the same drives?! How come? What do you mean by blow the lot away? Like resetting the xbox and starting from zero? I actually would love to do this to better understand everything and know my system. Another Question about the IGR. I found a tool called EVTool. Its supposed to edit the M8+ BIOS, which is on my chip. Do you or anybody here have experience with it?
  6. Hey Guys! I got my hands on a xbox 1.6 with Aladdin xt plus 2 Chip. I really like it, but somehow there must be some stuff screwd up. Im trying to use the IGR, but I can't get it to work. I tried all Hotkey combinations I found on the internet, but nothing works. That was the first thing I noticed. On the Xbox is xbmc. If im going to settings where the "about xbmc" option is, nothing happens. It doesn't show me anything. The Dude who sold me the xbox said, XBMC 3.3.3 is installed. XBMC itself show me on home screen, there is a newer version 3.5.3. I researched and found out aboashboard.ut Rockky5s XBMC4Gamers, which looks incredible. I did some more research to find out how to get it run. So I found out, on softmodded xbox you need to make Shortcuts. But on Hardmodded Xbox you can change the Boot directory. Well... so I downloaded, XBMC4Gamers folder from Rocky5s Github, put it on my E drive and in settings/Programs/General under Dashboard directory, I switched it from C:\xboxdash.xbe to E:\XBMC4gamers\deafault.xbe But nothing happens when I reboot. Still same old xbmc Dashboard. Also I noticed there is on the C Drive another Dashboard Called evoxdash.xbe. If I try to start from this nothing changes either. Im not sure if I do something wrong or if there's something wrong with the xbox. Maybe someone can help me out. Also I ask me the Question if there is any new BIOS for the Xbox that I should install. How do I know which installer CD I have to use? There are so many out there...
  7. Hey Guys ! Im Lopal from Germany! Im a big fan of consoles and Gaming in general. Back in the days I grew up with a N64, got my first Computer, then got my PSP that I hacked( and probably all other psps in my hometown) after that I got my xbox360. Now, many years later I bought a big package of Consoles by a dude, who had to give them away because of his girlfriend. One Console that was inside the package was a Xbox Classic. I was never on path with this Console, but I did some research and I started to love it! Now I got my hands on a hardmodded xbox classic with internal HDMI Mod. And I try my best to understand how all this modding ( Soft- & Hardmodding) works, but (obviously) im not successful... otherwise I wouldn't be signed up in this forum. Right after this welcome Post I gonna create my first Thread with some questions. I hope you guys are not gonna be that much botherd by me and im already sorry... Best Regards Lopal

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