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  1. Can I download CoinOPS in the downloader menu? Also I want to download doomx but it asks me where to place it.. does anyone know where to place doomx file in the directories?
  2. What do I type into google because ive type everything and cant find it. I dont even know what it is but sounds cool
  3. Yes that makes sense, however, not to be rude but I already understood that. I just wanted to know what each folder’s name corresponded to the their respected emulator. Does that make more sense? Again I don’t want to sound like I know it all because I don’t but you did help with the CoinOPS 8 folder. Does CoinOPS have nes, atari, or is it like old school computer games? Im basically trying to sell these xbox’s I have but want to mod them first and have the most popular games before I sell it. Thanks again! Ben
  4. Just softmoded my xbox with JCRocky5 softmod and installed emustation. I cant figure out what all of the emulators stand for in the rom/media/emulator folders. Does anyone have a list of what they all are? I know some like nes and snes but there are a lot that i dont know. Also, I really want to know what the ports emulator is. I think its for DOOM but am unsure. Thanks!

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