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  1. Don't give up yet, there are plenty of ways to get the points rebridged, even if you can't solder.
  2. @KaosEngineer Isn't that a Winbond? I have no experience with Winbond (or Sharp) so I will withdraw.
  3. That's the bios, not the brand. That confirms it as an EvoX D6 bios though. The best way is to open the box and look at the TSOP chip itself.
  4. Missed that!! You have a 1MB TSOP but you need to verify if its a Winbond/Sharp/Hynix etc. You can use the Hexen disc to verify TSOP type. Not sure of the menu options to get there though.
  5. @KaosEngineer will be of better help to you here as he knows a helluva lot more than me so I will leave you in his more than capable hands. Good luck!
  6. See my edit. Before flashing though, you need to confirm your model number and TSOP brand/type. Please research before flashing.
  7. What @KaosEngineer says is true. Hexen boots a bios with the LBA48 patch included. Your bios does not support LBA48 so you will NEVER get the extra space until you reflash your TSOP/Modchip. You can confirm this via the Kernel versions shown in the screenshots above. Hexen is booting 5838 and you are booting 4817. You will need to check if the TSOP is writeable via Hexen and if so, flash a newer bios such EvoX M8, 5035 or Ind 5004 and one that has .67 in the name (or F/G etc).
  8. https://rappscallion.wixsite.com/ressurectionxtras/emulators Check them out. EDIT: Just to clarify, I am not affiliated with them in anyway. They just create the most compatible sets etc for the xbox that I have found.
  9. RessurectionXtras sets are made specifically for the xbox. I can confirm SNES & Megadrive sets are 100% compatible with respect to filename length etc. Sets also come with artwork and other media etc.
  10. Just to update (and closure I suppose), the xbox with the funny TSOP finally gave up and crossed over to Silicon Heaven. The 1.6 was in excellent working condition and came with a Samsung drive. That was quickly softmodded and Chimp installed so I can put the 320gb out of the dead box when I get some spare time this week. One of Rocky5's XBMC builds (Emustation or Gamers) will be going on this box. @KaosEngineer and @Magicaldave, thanks for the replies and assistance anyway!
  11. Seems so fella. As I said earlier, I have a 1.6 on its way as well so I'll order another Aladdin for that unless I successfully hotswap and fix the bad flash on the x2.6CE I have as well.
  12. Ok, so it just black screened on 4981 so I restarted and it booted M8. Strange.
  13. Back to the usual buggered box. Turned it on this morning, saw the pink EvoX, went to a black screen. Turned it off and then back on, boots the old 4981 bios. I have a 1.6 box on the way so will wait to see how that one is before putting the Aladdin in this one as it looks like that's the only option. They are cheap enough if I need to buy another one.
  14. Done that, stuck them on C and rebooted and tried to flash but it gets stuck at roughly 75%. Waited for a a while and then thought f*** it and rebooted. It DID boot into M8 but unsure if its the 1MB bios I flashed as I'm sure I removed that horrible pink logo. Maybe TSOP Bank 4 is borked? Will do a new 1MB bios and double check the logo is removed. I'll pull the board out tomorrow (its gone 3am here) and check for any wires present although I don't ever remember having to do that but worth a check. See comment above, will do some more testing tomorrow.

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