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  1. One complain, xbox boot up too long, first i have "Loading ind-bios" for about 30 sec, then i have normal xbox intro but modified for IND-BIOS (white background, green text and logo) next 30 seconds.
  2. @KaosEngineer@Ging3rguy@JonahUK Thank you guys very much for help!
  3. Looks like its working, this photo is from dash, not any disc is inserted.
  4. Ok i choosed 512KB and yes i have 1.1. Which option here?
  5. Done. Which bios i need to choose here? 512KB or 246KB (1.0-1.5)? its Non-Winbond method listed in HeXEn TSOP/modchip flashing menu.
  6. I will solder those points, gonna update when im done.
  7. Well, looks like end of the story. Thanks for the help anyway.
  8. Well, im confused right now ... (this bios checker is from the latest Auto Installer Deluxe (2018))
  9. You have version of my Xbox on the photo, its 1.1 NTSC or do you ask for something more specific?
  10. I saw edit, ok i will try to check or you can tell me now how to do it, it would be faster. Also thanks for taking time to help me guys : )
  11. Ok i get it, but what now? can i reflash this with only HeXEn or i need to do something on my motherboard?

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