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  1. Hi i would like to know how is this done please
  2. So they are tp slow to boot but might work???
  3. Hi guys im back. So i have a question, can any of this sata hdds be an upgrade tp a xbox with evox-m8 bios? Wester Digital-WD5000AADS Maxtor-YAR51HW0 ExcelStor-J9250S Thanks from Portugal
  4. The bt wire goes to r3g4. My hexen says im missing the ms backup
  5. Its working just fine now that i cleaned under the MB.thanks.
  6. I dont have any wire conected from the mod chip to the bt 1x9 conector. All wiring goes to the MB but i cleaned the bottom side of themb and now works just fine. So my problem is: can i put a bios that recognize a new hdd and formats it? With out having an hexen disk. Mine is a 2017 and i think its not complete. The 2018 i got from here its not reading.....
  7. When i got this xbox it already was without the clock capacitor and had the chip instaled. Its my first hardmoded so noob here. Have 3 more setups 2 softmoded and one dead for parts
  8. Nope i did nothing. If i press once the pwbutton it goes normal ms dash. If i press loger as usual it doesnt go to the hardmod xecuter bios and evox dash anymore, it does go on even. Already changed the buttos assembly and it does the same.....
  9. Ok now i have a power button problem... pressing eject or power once it goes to ms dash, if i press longer te power button ir should go to the hardmod mode but it isnt doing anything iteven dont powercycles. Whats wrong? Already replaced thw entire front panel.
  10. What should i do here?
  11. So what i have is this
  12. As soon as i get home il make some photos of it thanks what shoul i do hera?
  13. Im using the latest version. Does the patch erase anything on the hdd as it s the original one and i dont have a copy of it.
  14. Thanks i was trying to clone the hdd with chimp and it freezes on loading. What can i use to clone my hdd other than chimp?

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