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  1. Thanks, I'll try to do what you said too. Then I'll let you know if I'm solved.
  2. Hello, yes I have already done what you suggested, I programmed Arduino as explained on the official page of Ryzee119's github. In fact it is for this reason that I do not explain this inconvenience. If it were a bug on ghitub it would explain it ... instead it says nothing. As components I used these:
  3. it should look like this ...
  4. Good morning guys, i bought a ryzee119 OpenXenium chip and installed it on my xbox 1.4. Everything perfect ... I bought the spi2par2019 kit and the LCD display and after I installed it it has the problem that it marks the degrees with the abbreviation aC and not as it should (° C). Has it happened to any of you? Do you have a solution?
  5. it was thought to use 2 hds of 2 tb each of 2.5 normal inches (2 tb ssd cost a lot). however I will surely carry out the method you described or buy a two-way switch like some other users did.
  6. excellent description. I would like to have a hard drive for games and one for separate emulators. But mine is also a desire to question myself with making the changes.
  7. Hi, has anyone managed to get 2 hard drives working on his xbox? The method that I would like is the one via switch, with the DVD player that continues to work and no bios without dvd ceck. I have already read a discussion about this topic, but those who managed to do so did not post links to the material used or even photos. If anyone has any advice and is welcome.
  8. sayon

    Change Fan Speed

    ok, modified the backup bios with evtool setting the fan at 90%. Now it constantly runs at this speed by launching any application or game (emulators, etc ...). Thanks again for the advice.
  9. sayon

    Change Fan Speed

  10. sayon

    Change Fan Speed

    is the right procedure? Obviously all the other parameters of the bios except the fan speed (100) and bios size (256k) leave them unchanged right?
  11. sayon

    Change Fan Speed

    6) launch the EvoX dash in the xbox and use the FLASH utility. I select the modified bios and flash
  12. sayon

    Change Fan Speed

    5) once saved the bios modified with evtool via ftp I'm going to put it in the bios folder of the Evolution dash program that is in the zbox
  13. sayon

    Change Fan Speed

    4) I change the fan speed from 20% to 100% and verify that the bios saving size is 256k
  14. sayon

    Change Fan Speed

    3) this is evtool with the backup of the loaded bios

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