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  1. None other. I was replacing clock caps on 8 different consoles, and after checking clock caps, ..... yeah. I fudged up lol
  2. Hello ! Just wondering if anyone has a good place to order the gold and black clock caps for a 1.6. I'm in North America Like a newb, I removed them too, as I was doing a bunch of boxes at the same time. Now my cristal is not turning on at all lol. I need new replacement caps !!! .... Links please !!
  3. I'm hoping so That's just my og kit. I'm also going for all North American consoles and their variants ( that are attainable lol ), and games sets as well ( got 90% of the Mortal Kombat set in all consoles games ). I love gaming, and the og xbox is an amazing machine to toy around with
  4. Hey all ! Just started in the og xbox scene, currently own 11 consoles, 9 blacks or various versions, a crystal and green variants. North American consoles only Softmodding only for now, not good enough with a soldering iron lol Anyway, happy to have found this community ! <3
  5. Going to download these

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