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  1. Was looking at the wrong language file, found the proper one in skins, so i figured the second question out lol.
  2. I found this link with the same issue but i dont know how to properly edit my strings.po file to change what version my dash says... https://www.xbmc4xbox.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2700&p=43511&hilit=urldownloader#p43511 Line 18 doesnt even appear: msgctxt "#16" msgid "Saturday" msgstr "" msgctxt "#17" msgid "Sunday" msgstr "" #empty strings from id 18 to 20 msgctxt "#21" msgid "January" msgstr "" msgctxt "#22" msgid "February" msgstr ""
  3. Rocky5 you are the man(or woman)! I love XBMC4Gamers setup and interface. 2 questions: 1: Is there no way to view and select media files (Music and Video) in this interface? I have looked and cannot find any options that will let me. I know it is meant to focus on gaming, but i see that I can still cast to xbmc4gamers from my pc, so I figured I would ask. 2: Also, and more importantly, is the URLDownloader service down? I have noticed there are a bunch of mods and apps I would love to install and explore, but when I use the URLDownloader I get an Error saying "Script failed! : downloader.py"... The downloader package downloaded and extracted properly, my internet connection should be ok. I have updated to the newest version of your software and had no luck still. I cannot update the URLDownloader app through the xbox interface either, receiving the same message. My dash says I am running xbmc4gamers 1.2.(no number after the second decimal) and the latest update was on 12/24/2018. The downloader version says 1.0.15 on the dash... Any help is greatly appreciated and I am grateful that you all are helping to keep this modding community alive!!!!!

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