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  1. I've done that with Logitech controllers in the past. I think it's been answered since I originally asked (or maybe on the Facebook Xbox group), but with this set up, that's not true to my understanding. The port will be usable so long a controller is not connected to the receiver for that port. For example, 360 controller paired to port 1, you may still use wired on ports 2, 3, & 4 even though all four are wired for wireless.
  2. I can't believe this hasn't sold out yet I just ordered a second one, lol.
  3. I'm okay with drilling the hole. If done clean, it'll have an 'OEM' look like the 360 & Xbox One's sync button.
  4. I haven't seen where he's mentioned making an internalized "version".... but it seems to be very easily internalized yourself. My plan is to solder all four micro USB cables to the the motherboard at the underside of the two controller port headers. This would leave all four ports usable. Then I'd either add a USB port at rear of Xbox, or remove upper shielding and internalize the Xbox 360 receiver with a tact switch at the rear of the xbox extended from the receiver to sync controllers.
  5. I found this thread to see if anyone had modified an n360 to work on the OG Xbox. Well, this thread answers that!!! TAKE MY MONEY! Is there a mailing list or somewhere I should keep an eye on so I may order it as soon as it's available? Thank you for the hard work. This is amazing! I would mostly be interested in internalizing it myself with a rear usb port installed on the Xbox for the 360 Dongle.

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