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  1. my system crashed and I had to install a new hard drive , iv got emustation and xbmc and a few other dashed installed ok and dvd to xbox , but all my games that I had backed upto my pc are in a folder called hdd loader , I cant seem to find this program has anyone got a link or a solution for me please
  2. you seem to know a fair bit about them , tell me what software is best to run to replace that simsons boot up and what can make the lcd display system information ?
  3. had this upgraded back in the early 00's I want to start using it again , wanted to know whats the native format for the games is it just an upscale in the box to 1080i ? as I want to use an external scalar, whats the software I need to run now and can I easily transfer games and what is the limit on hd if I fit a new one , is there a site for roms if any one can help id appreciate it im looking for the ultimate setup once again

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